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What can our tribe do for you?

  • We share your videos on our website and social media channels
  • You receive a greater audience reach and more views
  • You will be working with a non-profit company which supports young people
  • Link with like-minded vloggers
  • Become a MyNeedToLive Everyday Role Model and start inspiring others

It’s Simple

  • You share our social media posts, we’ll share yours
  • You tag us, we’ll tag you
  • If you mention us in your videos, we’ll pin them to the top of our page
  • Put ‘Part of the MyNeedtoLive tribe: www.myneeedtolive.com’ in your video description.

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Fill in the form below or e-mail: info@theneedtolive.com with the subject ‘Vlogger’.

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