Tricks and Tips For Pinterest 2020

Pinterest has updated its algorithm for 2020, which has resulted in some people seeing a reduction in traffic and pins. Here are some tricks and tips to increase your engagement.

Changes to the 2020 Pinterest algorithm.

The biggest change to the algorithm is new content, the platform wants fresh new content for users and therefore favours new content, new images and new videos over old or duplicated content.

Duplicated content or repins will now be shown to small user groups on the platform. This also includes updating old content on the platform, including changing hashtags, description or adding anything to the existing image. All content must look new and fresh, so think of a new image design for older content.


Use Pinterest keywords

If you don’t use keywords that users are searching for, then users will not find your content. Finding the right keywords is easy, with two methods to find what users search for.

The Pinterest search bar is the perfect tool, simple search a keyword linking to your blog, you will be given a selection of search topics which can be added to your pin.

The second method is using the Ad tool and selecting the subjects. This will give you a great insight into all the terms users search including the number of searches done by users.

Follower engagement.

Pinterest wants new content that increases engagement and is measured based on your existing followers. The algorithm will measure your follower’s interaction with the new pins and positions you based on a score in the public domain.

Tricks and Tips for Pinterest 2020

Use new images and content.
Create 4-5 pins per content you are linking too.
Use strong keywords.
Do not place the same pin on more than 8 boards.
Repin other users content within your own boards.
Make sure your pins relate to the subject.
Increase your follower engagement per pin.

While the new update may seem daunting, remember the platform is about engagement, which will help you drive more traffic.

Have these tips helped you? What tips can you share? Do you like the new Pinterest 2020 algorithm?

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