Tiny Houses Are Trending


Lisa Alioto

01 November 2020 42 comments

You may have seen them, you may have heard of them, and now I am here to tell you that tiny houses are indeed trending.  What is a tiny house?  It is generally a house that is less than 1000 square feet.  Some are as small as 100 square feet – I kid you not!  Some even have wheels and are mobile!

Why Tiny Houses?

For many, the question is why not?   Tiny houses give new homeowners a very affordable option, leaving them with funds to freely explore their passions or save for something more.

Many people, whether new to the market or downsizing after having been in the market for decades, have found the mobility of many tiny houses to be a huge attraction.   Whether you have a job that leaves you in new locations for periods of times or you want to explore your country, tiny houses let you be on the go yet stay in your home!

Tiny houses are also great for families that want to spend a lot of time together.   Tiny houses allow families to live together in a new, closer way.  It’s great for small families to enjoy time together more often and to share their days together even moreso.

Simpler Living

Many people want to declutter in new and grander ways and tiny house living definitely forces you to do that.  It allows you to select the best of the best of your belongings, living with less.  Or as some people may put it, living even more!   It allows you to focus on life rather than the things around you.

Life in a tiny house may mean less belongings, but for many they feel it brings with it a fuller life.   For these families simple means less quantity but more quality.


If you haven’t seen a tiny home, I encourage you to check some of them out even if only about curiosity.  They are amazingly innovative.   The builders find innovative ways to make the most of every inch of these tiny houses.  From fold up tables to multi-function furniture and amazing kitchen layouts, these builders have taken innovation to a whole new level. It’s definitely worth checking out their innovative concoctions!

What do you Think of the Tiny House Trend?

Could you live with so few personal belongings?  Would the opportunity for more family bonding or the mobility many tiny houses bring with them an enticement?

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42 thoughts on “Tiny Houses Are Trending

  1. Tiny houses keep coming in and out of trend over the last decade or so. They must be expensive to heat without thick insulating walls. I guess with these houses the hardest part is buying the land to build them on, but if you can get the land, why not build a house that makes it easy to extended, thus your small house can evolve over the years of ownership

    1. Lisa Alioto

      Love that idea of adding onto your tiny house as your family grows! Great idea!

  2. I love the tiny houses. It’s a very cute trend and very innovative. I think it could save people money especially through the current circumstances.

    1. Lisa Alioto

      I agree Rachel!

  3. My husband and I have watched Tiny House Nation on Netflix and have also watched other shows featuring tiny homes. They are definitely inspiring. You really do have to think about how you want to live and what you value. While we are not going to be living in a tiny home, our condo is roughly 1200 sq feet and we have started to really re-think how we want to use the space and how we want to live.

    1. Lisa Alioto

      Thanks for sharing Giulia – these shows definitely give you idea don’t they

  4. Alyssa Hixenbaugh says:

    My husband has been trying to convince me to buy or make a tiny house! It may be in our future lol.

    1. Lisa Alioto

      Good luck Alyssa – it sounds like quite the adventure!

  5. I have never heard of tiny houses. Interesting concept though. Useful for new couples I guess 🙂

    1. Lisa Alioto

      Yes definitely – new couples, those on the move, those just starting out or perhaps sizing down later in life

  6. I love the idea of a tiny house! I’d definitely have to live on a trial to see if I could actually hack it, but I really like the concept. Great post 🙂

    Anika | chaptersofmay.com

    1. Lisa Alioto

      Thank you Anika – me too! I’m not sure I could do it long-term! I can see how it would be great for some though

  7. I love this post. I also love the idea of a tiny house. Not only does it force you to declutter, but also makes you realize the important things are in living and not in your possessions. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Lisa Alioto

      You are welcome Sarah – glad you enjoyed it!

  8. I love the idea of a tiny home. I have looked at tiny homes online and see how it would be so perfect for me. I just don’t understand the high price tag.

    1. Lisa Alioto

      Yea, some of them are VERY reasonable while others are surprisingly unreasonable. Way to high for the size you are getting.

  9. I have been IN LOVE with the concept of tiny houses for a couple of years now. My husband and I even looked into it, however, there are many limitations here regarding how small a home can be in order to be built as a permanent residence. I am hoping that we will see some changes to the bylaws moving forward as I live in an area with a significant housing/homelessness problem and I believe that tiny houses may be the key to finding a solution in many cases.

    1. Lisa Alioto

      I hope it works out for you Britt – that would be so exciting to do!

  10. Charity says:

    I’ve heard that tiny houses are trending too! It’s a great idea. Although, I don’t think I could handle it myself. I love our camper, but I couldn’t live there 24/7 lol

    1. Lisa Alioto

      I hear you Charity – I love how they make the most of the space but personally I think I would need more space to live in

  11. My brother lives in a tiny house that he built. It’s perfect for him. I think they’re a great answer to affordable housing

    1. Lisa Alioto

      That is awesome Christina – how cool for him!

  12. I have two friends ready to get a tiny home. This was so enlightening. I love the idea.

    1. Lisa Alioto

      I do too even though it’s not for me I would love to see a real one in person

    We invision settling into a tiny house one day on large land and frowning all of our own food 🙂
    Great post

    1. Lisa Alioto

      Oh how exciting! I hope your dream comes true soon!

  14. Although I have no aspirations to live in a tiny house at this time (Family of 6) I want to live in our present home and use the space like it is a tiny home! I find the simpler less clutter life inspirational!

    1. Lisa Alioto

      I find a less cluttered life inspirational too!

  15. Great post Lisa! I have been hearing about tiny houses for years. Weird fact – they are illegal where I live in Kauai. Don’t ask me why. But, when I lived in the Pacific Northwest they were all the rage. I consider myself to be a minamilist. I have twice moved across country (from WA to AZ, and AZ to HI) with a carry-on and a duffle bag. I could totally live in a tiny house. I’d actually really love that.

    1. Lisa Alioto

      It sounds like you’ve had a bit of the tiny house experience in a sense – good for you! I love an adventurer!

  16. I love the idea of tiny houses! Due to my job, I have lived 2 years in a travel trailer and that was a really good experience! So I know, that living in a tiny space is possible and actually can make a lot of fun and teach you a new way of living practical!

    1. Lisa Alioto

      II agree that it’s definitely a learning experience – even if you find out it’s not for you in the end

  17. Natasha Evans says:

    I’ve heard lots about the tiny houses trend – I think they’re such an innovative idea but I’m not sure if I could live in them permanently!


    1. Lisa Alioto

      Me neither Natasha! I would have to give it a trial run first 😉

  18. This is really interesting. I admire people who do this but I have way too much stuff to live in a tiny house.

    1. Lisa Alioto

      I do too – right now at least! I could use a good declutter though!

  19. I could live in one, I think. But if there were more people besides me, it would feel too cramped. I love seeing how people decorate them and deal with storage though!

    1. Lisa Alioto

      I do too – I love seeing all the secret storage tricks they manage to fit in them

  20. Tiny homes are cute, easy to clean and manage. That’s why it is a trend now. If I have enough money to build a house, I build a cute small one for myself. Hehehe.

    1. Lisa Alioto

      I think I might too – at least as a little writing hideaway!

  21. I think I’d love a tiny house for a while but would need more space eventually!

    1. Lisa Alioto

      Me too! I tend to collect things… I would need extra space just for my candles – LOL

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