TikTok – better than boredom

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I’m bored. I’ve been sent home from school and probably, like you, I’m self isolating (well, with my family). Not sure if I even have exams to do this summer and prom is out of the question. So far so scary. But worse than that is the boredom.

There is only so much Netflix I can watch. Same goes for gaming. And eating. And sleeping. And homework.

Famous for messing about

TikTok is proving to be a bit of a cure to filling my day.Ā This video platform allows people of all ages to produce content and dispense it into the world at the cost of nothing.

You should see how much original content there is.Ā  It’s crazy to see video boosted out from countries and cultures across the world from many millions of people who have jumped swiftly onto this new trend. But honestly, it’s a bit of an antidote to the craziness which is happening right now and it’s helping me to be a bit more positive by losing myself in some of the funny memes.

I love waking up and binging through new content that could have been made by someone stuck at home like me.Ā  I love finding funny videos, memes and people being daft –Ā  some making me laugh out loud and some cry. But it does mean my mornings can be quite slow ofc.

We’re the same and different

There is always something to see or do on TikTok. It’s amazing to see how different and the same we all are, wherever we are from, so I couldnā€™t stop myself from creating some content of my own.Ā 

I made silly bizarre stuff that I thought would maybe get a chuckle. Views quickly came in and people liked what I was putting out when the videos took minutes to put together.

I didn’t create anything to become internet-famous, I just did it to be creative and give myself a confidence boost. It’s funny to me that someone (even if it is just me) is enjoying me being an idiot when it feels like the apocalypse is going on outside.

TikTok goes the clock

It’s just a fun app that entertains just about anyone. The only problems that arise are how quickly someone can go from not known at all, to someone with over 1 million followers and over 100 TikTok videos and millions of likes.

Scary and annoying at the same time. But quite possible nonetheless.Ā Jealousy is a strong foe when it comes to internet fame so I am thinking about that a lot – mainly why I am bothered what other people think at all.

Not a day goes by when there isn’t a TikTok that I want to share with my girlfriend or something silly that I forward to my friends. It’s just a really funny and silly way of brightening a friend’s day or just making your friends laugh at something online. Laughter goes a long way when it’s a boring day isolated at home, when everyone needs a morale boost. It’s also a great way to meet new people who share my sense of humour.

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  1. I’ve never logged into TikTok myself, but a few of my friends have it and I have watched some pretty funny videos on there before too.

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