The New Year’s Resolutions of a Chronically Ill Person

Today, I thought I would share my resolutions that are related to my life with a chronic illness.  I’m sure many of you with illnesses will find that these goals really resonate with you.

Every year I make resolutions for the new year and I am proud to say that I keep over 90% of them.  Today, I thought I would share my resolutions that are related to my life with a chronic illness.  I’m sure many of you have similar goals in mind; for me, putting them to paper solidifies them.   Every day I achieve them – SUCCESS!  And some days, I need to rely on the joy from those successes quite a bit.  Other days, it’s just another feather in my cap.

So here goes!

  1. Pace: I will pace.  Period.  I will not try to, I will not do it when it’s convenient or when I feel a flare approaching, I will just do it.
  2. Self-Care:  I will put me first.  I will not sacrifice my health to make it easier for others.  I will not feel guilty for saying no.
  3. Yes: I will start saying yes to offers of help rather than a polite, in denial, no.
  4. Rest:   I will not consider resting, even for the entire day, a waste.  I obviously needed it and my needs are not valueless.
  5. Medical Care:  I will not be afraid to ask the questions I want answers to.  I deserve to know the details of my diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plan.
  6. Comprehensive Medical Support:  I will not accept less than from my medical care providers.   If I know more about my illness than them, they are not the doctor for me.  I will seek providers knowledgeable on my conditions and that can optimally help me.
  7. Celebrate:   I will find something to celebrate every day.   Every day brings new opportunities, big and small.  I will seek them out and make the most of the ones I can.
  8. Challenges:  I will not back away from new opportunities out of fear it will trigger a flare-up.  I will make decisions based on balancing the facts, not based on the fear of a possible (but perhaps not even probable) flare-up.
  9. Support: I will find ways daily to support my fellow chronic illness warriors in big and small ways.   They are an amazing group of friends that deserve the best I can give them.
  10. Most Importantly:  These will not be my only resolutions because there is so, so much more to me than my illness.  I have a lot to contribute to the world around me and the people in my life.  Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is what I have, not who I am.

I hope that some of these resolutions resonate with you  – most importantly, I hope you keep #10 in mind.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the pain and exhaustion and forget that underneath it all we are still who we were all long.

2021 is the year to be good to you in every way.  Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire!

26 thoughts on “The New Year’s Resolutions of a Chronically Ill Person

  1. Love these New Year’s resolutions! 2020 was a difficult year for many of us, and I am glad that you pulled through the year. Good luck with all of your goals. Love how they’re about making the most and thankfulness!

    Nancy ✨

  2. I don’t have a chronic illness, but know many people who do. I love your resolutions, as they show you have courage to get through each day no matter what, and not let it control your life! Remember you are a great warrior yourself. God bless! ??

  3. 2020 has been a bit of a shocker, I’m just hoping that I can be reunited with my girlfriend again, as we have an amazing year ahead of us.

  4. I love everything on this list. So many people make unrealistic resolutions instead of choosing to make a commitment to daily changes that will improve their lives. Thanks for the reminder!!!

  5. These are such great New Years Resolutions! I hope you have a wonderful new year my friend!

  6. Very useful for people in need. I will share with some of my friends so that they can pass it along.

  7. These are some great New Year’s resolutions! I particularly love number 2 and 4 – self-care and simply taking some time to relax is so important!

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