The New iPhones: To Buy or Not to Buy

Phones… so many choices, features, and price points. How do you choose what to buy? And when to buy it?

Admittedly, I am a big fan of iPhones in general.  I don’t have much experience using other phones so I don’t have a good comparison point. I just know what I like about iPhones.

This article isn’t going to compare the key features of each iPhone as I know that has been done a hundred times before.  Rather, I’m going to share why I chose to buy a new iPhone this year; perhaps these are similar considerations that you are weighing right now as well.

My Current Phone was Five Years Old

My biggest problem with my current phone was that it was five years old.  It wasn’t so much the age that was an issue for me. I’m not one of those people that need the latest and greatest electronics (I wouldn’t know what to do with most of those features!).

The reason I wanted a new iPhone was that my battery wasn’t holding a charge. In addition to this being an inconvenience for me I felt it posed a safety issue. For example, when I was on vacation last year, I found my battery almost out of power very quickly and I had yet to order my Uber to get back to the hotel.

The other issue with my phone was that the storage capacity was minimal. I couldn’t put my needed apps on the phone without others going to the cloud in order to fit these new ones.  I also couldn’t download updates because I didn’t have the necessary storage capacity. Needless to say, a new phone was in order.

The iPhone 11

Except when it comes to cars, I generally don’t buy the newest version as I know there is a big mark-up on them.  So instead of the iPhone 12, I went for the iPhone 11, which had great reviews.

I must say, it does not disappoint.  The battery life is fantastic and the storage capacity is amazing.  These were two key features that I was seeking.   On top of that the camera is a lot nicer (I can’t wait until this pandemic is over so I can go on a vacation and snap some cool shots!).

While the iPhone 12 looked great, I had read some things about it that convinced me that I just may be getting a pretty equivalent phone for a much lesser price by going with the 11.  Now that I have my phone, I have to say I am quite happy with it.

What is your Phone of Choice?

What brand is your favorite?  Do you buy new phones frequently or only when the old one is nearly useless?

30 thoughts on “The New iPhones: To Buy or Not to Buy

  1. I have the iPhone 11 Pro and I love this phone. I have seen the iPhone 12 but I don’t like how square it looks. Thank you for sharing this information, it will help if people are looking to swap phones.


      1. I don’t use an iPhone although I’ll love to, I don’t just have the money to purchase one yet but soon in the nearest future.

  2. This one’s easy, never buy anything by Apple, they’re over priced and have a history of extremely questionable supply chains for their products

  3. What an interesting discussion! We’re generally of the keep something until it’s no longer usable mindset… however, both my husband and I upgraded our phones last year. His screen was entirely smashed to pieces and like your phone, it wouldn’t hold a charge any longer. Mine was doing a little better but the parts around the camera had fallen out which meant it was vulnerable to scratches and dirt and… well, my phone is mostly used as a camera so that was something that needed addressing. We now have matching Samsung phones (also a slightly older model) and are living the dream! 🙂

  4. I love iPhone myself. Like you though I’ve never really given another brand a chance. Interesting post! Do like the sound of the 12 though.

  5. I upgraded to the iPhone 11 last year from my old 6S, which was 4 years old. I am so glad I did because it’s such a great phone and the camera really is incredible.

  6. I am a big time android fan. The phones are a lot cheaper but have just as many features, are way more durable and are much less expensive. I get phones every 3-4 years or so, when they don’t hold a good charge anymore.

  7. I have an iPhone 11 pro max and I think it was my best buying so far. I love the cameras and the features. I just bought it because my previous phone battery was flat in less than six hours, but I usually don’t run to buy the latest phone when mine still works fine 🙂

  8. That’s a money-smart idea to go one generation down when buying a phone. Often there isn’t much difference between the last two versions (speaking from a non-Apple perspective), but one is much cheaper!

  9. I’m mostly an android fan, but I totally agree with getting the second newest version of a phone – any problems with it have usually been fixed by then, not to mention the cost difference!

  10. My partner has been considering switching to the latest iphone so this has been such an interesting read.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Kate |

  11. iPhone 8 here – and I’ll be keeping it going until it completely goes dead – so far it still works brilliantly, but we’ll see. My partner gets his changed every two years though!

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