The Joys of Reading

We often hear of the joy of reading – and it can be quite joyful. Whether we are reading for school, simply pleasure, or to learn something new there’s something for everyone. Where do your interests lie?

Reading is something that many find pleasurable and educational on various levels.  Some form of books have been around for centuries; it’s a pastime that has a long and varied history.  So, what do we get out of it?  I think it depends on what we are seeking.

Pleasure Reading

Pleasure reading can be pretty amazing – getting lost in a world of adventure, romance or science fiction.  It can be a way to step away from the stressors in our life or a way to seek an enjoyable getaway.   It’s amazing how minutes and hours can fly by when you are engrossed a good book.  Whatever the reason, the world is at no loss for books, whether they are in print, online or audio books.  Thank goodness!

DIY Books

Sometimes we want to learn how to do something ourselves and DIY (Do It Yourself) books are great for this.  Whether it’s fixing our plumbing, decorating our house, or planting a garden, these books can be a great source of information to help us along the way!   There are endless DIY books, all on a wide range of topics that will help us with just about anything.

Educational Books

Educational books can fall into so many categories.  They can teach us about history, allowing us to learn topics in great depth.  They can also teach us a new skill, like computer programming or gardening.   Of course, there are our school books that are focused on the topics of our University classes.  These are the kinds of books that expand our mind and our knowledge in new ways.

Finally, there are self-improvement books. I have found myself reading more and more of these lately.  To the point I’ve made it a goal to read one such book a month.  I’ve found that they really have taught me a lot about myself and new ways of thinking.  If you haven’t tried one, I encourage you to find one on a topic of interest and check it out.  They are a great way to broaden your horizons, start to form new habits, and learn new perspectives.

What Role Does Reading Play in Your Life?

What kind of books do you read?  Do you read to escape for a bit into a new universe or  moreso for learning?   How often to you find yourself picking up a book to read?

28 thoughts on “The Joys of Reading

  1. OMG, I love reading and sneak it in as much as possible! I take my kindle to bed with me every night and reframed insomnia as reading time 🙂

    At the moment reading a book about a Swedish book lover in Broken Wheel and very much enjoying it.

    Carpe Diem |

  2. Reading has always been a huge part of my life as I’ve been reading since I was a kid. My Mum always loved reading so I got it from her and we both always have a book on the go. I love fiction but I’ve really started enjoying more non-fiction reads lately too.

  3. I’ve always enjoyed reading, whether it be fiction, or to learn. Spend a lot of time reading off of a screen these days, but I do enjoy a good old fashioned book. Especially when it comes to fiction.

      1. There really is, I did get a kindle when they first came out, but I didn’t like it at all.

  4. Reading interlinked so much in my life. I usually discover educational or non fiction books from pleasure reads that I enjoy. If a theme or time period really takes my fancy then sometimes I discover historical fiction or non fiction books off the back of it!!! Xxx

  5. I love reading so much and omg this article is really related to me. As a quote said ” A well read woman can be dangerous”

  6. I do like DIY books, it provides a great experience especially if you want to learn how to make or build something. Also I do enjoy reading learning books, before I started blogging I read the how to use WordPress book, which provided me with some fantastic tips to use. ????

  7. I used to read purely for escapism, but I think in this day and age it’s really important to educate ourselves. I’ve actually just ordered a shipment of non-fiction books that will help me be more diverse in my reading choices!

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