Meet The Team....

Bex, Graphic Designer

Have you ever wondered who does our incredible designs, from the ERM Monthly Magazine to all our creative work on our website and social media? Bex is the NeedToLive graphic designer, with a passion for the creative. Graduate in Illustration, Bex has achieved so much. She has written her own book, designed her own products, and added a creative touch to everything she has done and gave NeedToLive its beautiful designed content. Bex is an all-round bubbly person and understands the hardship of university life, the debts and the lack of motivate that presents. She wants to share her experiences and give advice to students worldwide.

Khiara, Affiliate Assistant

Want to know where our great deals and offers come from? Then look no further, Khiara is always finding new and exciting deals for you to save, making sure only the best deals make it on TheNeedToLive. Khiara always likes to help and provide new ideas to help us give more deals and better support than ever before. Khiara is currently studying Physical Geography and Geology at University, but when Khiara does manage to get time off, you will see plenty of photos of her travelling the world, from different landmarks to a range of music festivals. She is always full of life and gives the office plenty of positive energy.

Megan, Director of Operations.

Graduated in Digital Arts and Technology, Megan is the glue that holds the team together. Creating and designing our beautiful websites, maintaining and adding exciting new features. Megan is always busy making sure the NeedToLive platform operates and provides the best support and advice for you. When Megan manages to get time off, she enjoys seeing ALL the animals, from sheep to lamas. Exciting days out to relaxing nights in playing Apex, watching Made in Chelsea and Love Island.

Laura ERM and GERM Manager

Graduated in Documentary Film and Tv, Laura has a passion for gaming, horror and anything zombie related. From Abergavenny, Wales, Laura wants to bring more creative content to the NeedToLive platform. Laura is always busy managing The NeedToLive Tutors, supporting our ERM’s and reaching new companies to offer amazing promotions for you to save and enjoy. Creating exciting competitions and partnering with local business to provide support and awareness. When Laura does get free time, she enjoys relaxing with a good game, drama series or a good horror film. She is hard working, driven and a love for what she does, helping reach young people to help them strive to their best.

Joe, Junior Webmaster

Our technical issues are always fixed by Joe, maintaining the NeedToLive platforms and making sure the content our ERM’s Publish can be seen. Joe helps create the new MyNeedToLive design and is currently working on so many new exciting features for the platform. In his spare time, he enjoys a good gaming session, driving around Dartmoor with friends and enjoys a good Meme. Joe is funny, friendly and is always willing to lend a helping hand. He is an important part of the NeedToLive team and is always happy to share advice and support everyone in the team.

Mark Marketing Project Manager

Graduated with a Masters in Brand and Design Management at Plymouth University, Mark has a keen interest in film, is a connoisseur of cheese, and has the world’s most adorable Husky puppy. Mark is NeedToLive’s social media master, creating fun and engaging content. He also helps reaching new companies to get amazing discounts and bundles with huge companies and local businesses. He often comes up with great ideas on how to improve NeedToLive’s brand and events. When Mark does manage some spare time, he enjoys travelling the world trying all the different foods, and he’s also a bit of a dog whisperer. Mark is hard-working, caring and super supportive, he’s often the voice of reason and gives great advice which really shines through his work.

Dave Brannan, CEO

Driven by his passion to support young people he’s dedicated his time (and money!) to make a difference. Dave’s a true leader who always wants to bring out the best in his team and push people to achieve more then they think’s possible. One thing to note is not to organise a morning meeting with him! When Dave’s not busy changing the world, or coming up with new ideas, he will be spending time with his family. He also owns a kingdom… on his mobile game! If he’s not engrossed with his game, you will find him mocking Everton or Man U fans as he’s a true Liverpool supporter.

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