Taking a look from a different point of view…

Eleanor Hall

Taking a look from a different point of view...

We are now into our third week of lockdown, and time appears to be passing quicker now that the weather is providing everyone with an ounce of hope. I’m getting familiar to my routine of a slow-paced life. I have learnt to stop stressing about keeping up with others, as I’ve realised doing my own thing is what will make me the happiest. I’ve discovered how therapeutic late-night walks can be, or in fact all contact with nature, away from technology and social media. In my opinion, the world needed to slow down a little, reprioritise the the things most important to us in life; our family, friends, spending time with each other – not money, power or greed. I do not think society will ever return to the ‘norm’ we once knew, whatever that may be. I’ve been thinking that this lockdown is no different than any other day for some people… could you imagine?

Easter is tomorrow, yet religion seems to be on the decline more than ever. Secularisation has taken over, but people still feel the need to buy into the consumer culture engulfing our society. The true meaning of this holiday has been lost behind price tags and self-service checkouts.

Staying in the house for so long makes you consider your community more. It seems, some people no longer prioritise being neighbourly, although this stereotype is not applicable to everybody. I miss my friends, my old routine I once regrettably took for granted. Some individuals have been divided by the epidemic, disputing over rules and regulations, whilst others simply seek to unite us – there’s a war time feel to the whole affair.

We need to aspire to take on the mannerisms of those good-hearted people, as a society that is – they’re the good ones.

Love Eleanor xx

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