Results Day

Results day is fast approaching. For some more than others. Let’s be honest. We are stressed or worried. Worried that we may not have achieved the grades that we want and stressed because we fear what we may have to go through to get the desired grade. That is probably […]

Do’s and Don’ts – Exam style

It’s that time of the year again. It’s exam season and you are either overworked and stressed or completely unprepared. Here are DO’s and DON’Ts so that you can survive your exams. DO: Study: You cannot avoid this. You must study and prepare yourself effectively for your exams. Whether you […]

Dealing with stress

As a young girl, still in education and surrounded by a busy lifestyle sometimes it can all be a little bit too much so I’ve decided my top 5 tips to help your mind and body calm itself which evidentially will calm your lifestyle. Give yourself free time! Have slotted […]

Our very personal Dark Clouds

myntladmin 2

By Nishith Singhal All of us are in middle of multiple things at any given point of time. Be it the weekdays when we are at work and struggling to balance between Growing expectation from Customer, Employer, and Teammates. Whether it is shrinking business and margin, stagnation in growth at […]

Coping With Stress at University


Stress affects us all at some points in our lives. It can come from many different areas, finance, relationships, work, studying and a variety of other forms. At certain times, pressure can build up and stress can be difficult to deal with. For young academics, the effects of stress can […]

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