Turning aspiration into action


Young people are 100 per cent of our future, and we believe in that future.

Every day, thousands ofĀ  young people wrestle with finding their place in the world. The pressure of social media, confusing messages around education and training, and a lack of joined up thinking when it comes to supporting their future aspirations all make a significant impact on their confidence, resilience and motivation.

MyNeedToLive is dedicated putting Purpose Before Profit and giving young adults a voice.

Our digital community is a mechanism for real change. We support young adults to find their unique voice and giving them a platform from which to communicate.

These are real stories, real lives from real people, just like them.

With your help, we can evolve, grow and continue dedicate our effort to supporting young adults to build real life route maps while gaining accreditation and supporting their peers.

Since we began in 2019,Ā  we have supported young people to become Everyday Role Models, share their stories without the filter of social media and gain the resilience they need to face and shape their futures.

We initiated an accreditation scheme, have brought on additional team members and become a Community Interest Company to show the world we always put Purpose Before Profit and young people at the epicentre of our work.

Below, Everyday Role Model Lisa Alioto Explains why our Digital Badges are a good resource for young people.

Ā£50 helps us mentor and support a young person to create content which makes a difference to their peers. Ā£200 could sponsor one of our ERMs while they gain accreditation. Or your organisation can advertise your services through sponsored pages, or click through signposting.

Every pound you give is poured back into empowering young people.

By collaborating with us you are helpingĀ  turn aspirations into action.

Get in touch to find out how we can work together.

Together we can help young people turn aspiration into action.

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