Some Good News: the YouTube channel we need right now

Louise Daniel


John Krasinski’s YouTube channel Some Good News keeps getting better and better.

We’re hooked and not least because we get to see inside the TV star’s home office.

Drop ins from his famous USA Office pals and round ups of uplifting stories from across the internet is content which works on so many levels.

There are the funny little cameos from his wife, Emily Blunt, and the odd celebrity giving daft weather updates too.

In this latest episode he puts together what may be Zoom’s first wedding. The bride and groom are unaware family are waiting to watch as they tie the knot.

The couple are also bowled over John has been ordained as a minister so he will be the one marrying them.

Among the seriousness of the current global crisis, it’s good to know some people are dedicating their talents to keeping our spirits up and letting us know that we are all in this together.

What do you head for when you want to be uplifted? Do you have a go-to story, podcast, YouTube channel or TikTok creator?

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