Quarantine Holidays – Alternative Options

How do you plan to spend your holidays in quarantine? What plans do you have to replicate your traditions?

If you are planning on quarantining for the holidays, don’t worry.  All is not lost.   As we have quickly figured out, there are many alternative ways to achieve similar festivities.   Hopefully some of the below ideas will resonate with you. I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!


I think by now many of us have transitioned our shopping to online.   Many of had already done so with much of our shopping even pre-pandemic. It’s so easy and we can do it in mere minutes compared to what it takes to go to a variety of stores.

While it’s harder to buy some stuff online, like clothes, I find that many of my loved ones prefer a gift card to their favorite store.  Rather than me picking out an outfit for them, now they can pick one of their choosing.

Gatherings/Family Time

For many of us, this is the hardest thing and there isn’t an exact alternative option.  Virtual options are plentiful and make for a good alternative, but it still doesn’t beat a hug from mom or grandma!

That said, virtual options are out there and do allow someone to sit in the room, so to speak, with the family, almost as if they were there in the room with us.   I’ve tried this a few times with my brother and while not the same, it’s a close second.

I think this whole pandemic has made us realize how much we value our time together.  While before we may have taken for granted the ability to pop in to see someone, now that’s just not as possible.


Often holidays are filled with foods of all kinds and varieties.  So how do you replicate that experience over the holidays?  This one took some thinking as obviously you can’t share food virtually.  The best I have come up with is to share recipes so you all are eating similar meals.

Then, eat together.  If you have an iPad, live stream your loved one at the table as they eat their meal and you eat too.  While not together, it’s a bit together!  (And more cookies for you!!)

Spiritual Options

While going to a location for our spiritual needs may not be possible this season for those of us that do go, thankfully many denominations, if not all, have started providing virtual options for mass and prayers.  All to be enjoyed from the convenience of our own home.  While the ambiance that the physical spiritual building provides is not present, you do gain convenience and perhaps the opportunity to focus in a bit more.

Disability Friendly

I would be remiss, as someone with a disability not to highlight that for those of us with disabilities, especially those that make leaving the house difficult, this season may prove to be one that we can participate in a bit more.  And that’s truly a blessing.

Your turn!

How do you plan to adjust your holiday festivities, if at all?  What alternative options will you be taking?  How do you feel about having to take them?

30 thoughts on “Quarantine Holidays – Alternative Options

  1. These are perfect! Luckily, the people who I would invite to Christmas anyways now live with me so it won’t be that different! I guess just smaller and quieter 🙂 Great post!

  2. This was really interesting post to read. I haven’t made any plans for the holidays yet but I’m just going to make the best of the situation.

  3. In Australia we are just coming out of lockdown – so hoping to have a fairly normal Christmas. My heart goes out to those that have a winter Christmas this year. Check in regularly! x

  4. These are some great tips. I definitely think that this year is going to look different, but there are ways that we can shift and adjust our expectations to still make the most of the holidays. We have already told my husband’s family that we will be doing gift cards for gifts on that side. It’s easier to pick up without having to spend time in crowded stores unnecessarily, allows us to avoid the drama that I’m SURE will be more than present and they can still purchase the things that they want most (online too)!

  5. Hi Lisa. These are strange times for all of us so, as you say, we need to find alternative options. Christmas meals are certainly going to be a lot different this year. I like your idea of ” If you have an iPad, live stream your loved one at the table as they eat their meal and you eat too.” That could be entertaining 🙂

  6. We’re just staying at home, the 4.5 of us. We just don’t want to risk the germs. But we’re still gonna decorate, and do gifts, and watch holiday movies and all that fun stuff!

  7. I’m one of the few that doesn’t seem bothered by not having to see people of Christmas. I’m perfectly happy to just have a lazy day on my own, although I will spend it with my partner so they don’t feel any worse about what’s going on at the moment

  8. I love the idea of virtual meals.
    My friends are doing secret santa but we’re all doing something crafty then sending it to each other and opening on zoom as a little Christmas party.

    Thanks for sharing these fab ideas!

    Nicola | nicoladaletraining.com

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