Quaranteening: Just A Pause or a Productive Opportunity?

How do you transition a life pause into a productive opportunity?

At times it can be hard to imagine that this time of isolation is much more than an exercise in boredom.   However, a change in mindset can make all the difference in the world.

While classes are continuing on for many, life has still essentially slowed down.  Many extracurricular activities have come to a halt.   Gatherings with friends are no more.   And family events have been postponed.

So how do you still not only enjoy this “pause” but transition it into a productive, refreshing new opportunity?  Here’s some ideas that I think you might find helpful!

Spring Cleaning

Many of us have found this time to be a great opportunity to spring clean.   Many are sorting through pantries, tossing out expired foods, and making a list of replacement food items.

Others are taking the time to clean other parts of their house.  Tossing out dated school books, old notebooks, and items they simply no longer have a use for.   Out with the old and when the quarantine is over, in with the new!   I foresee many shopping sprees in our future!


Reading books is also a great pastime for many of us.  Through reading, our mind wanders to lands unknown.  We often have the opportunity to learn more about different cultures and get to explore cities we haven’t yet been to.

Depending on our book of choice it can go beyond entertainment with some insights along the way to pure learning.  For example, many are taking this time to learn a new language, read about a new topic of interest, or educate themselves about historical events.  All things that they may not have found the time to do when life is going full force.   What a great use of this time!


It seems that we never make enough time for self-care. It’s usually the first thing that we let slide off our to-do list and the last thing we should let happen.  Life can be stressful and hectic, whether we are in isolation or not.  Self-care is a great way to hit the reset button and come back “into the game” with a fresh mindset and perspective.

Whatever it is that relaxes you and brings you peace, now is a great time to separate yourself from the news and stresses of the day.   Whether it’s enjoying a hobby, taking a long bath, or reading a great book, let yourself wander into these areas of pleasure.  Everyone deserves some down time every day to reset and refresh.

What are you doing to reset and refresh?

How have stayed productive during this time of quarantine?  What has made you feel the happiest?   Most productive?   Refreshed?

22 thoughts on “Quaranteening: Just A Pause or a Productive Opportunity?

  1. I was in self-isolation before a lockdown was put in place, not that it seems to matter to the other people in my building. For the most part, my motivation to do stuff has been ok, but theirs been a few back-to-back days where I basically just waste all my time

    1. I hear you Unwanted Life – I’ve wavered a bit myself but on my productive days, they have felt wonderful! I still feel “ahead of the game” when it comes to making the most of this time despite some Netflix binging days. 🙂

  2. Spring cleaning has been a bit stop-start so far. Same with garden which needs some attention. I’m determined to get both done properly this year.

  3. I have been trying to make this break as productive as I can. I have definitely cleaned and organized the house like crazy and I am devoting more time to my blog so that is definitely a benefit to it as well!

  4. As I work from home anyway this situation hasn’t impacted me as much as a lot of people and I’m quite busy in general right now so haven’t had much time to indulge in some self-isolation activities but I’m hoping to stay productive and maybe do some courses when I have a little more time x


  5. I totally agree that this time stuck in doors can be used in a productive way or used to work towards other goals. Spring cleaning has been a big focus during this time stuck inside. Wanting to finish my semester on a strong note has def kept me productive, too!!

  6. The amount of books I’ve read is crazy (but I’m not complaining haha)! I’ve been working from home for the last couple of weeks and I have to say it has been tough trying to stay motivated. But I’m grateful that I have more time for myself. I have a lot more free time on my hands because I use to drive three hours everyday to work! Will be weird having to do that again. Great post – thanks for sharing x

  7. Loved this post! I’m definitely using this time to be productive and do things that I usually don’t have time for!! Xx

  8. Spring cleaning is something I’ve definitely been doing, I’m planning on sorting out my wardrobe soon too! Get tips, thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. Sorting through your wardrobe is a big endeavor but a great idea! Just think how great your closet will look when you are done Courtney!

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