Purpose Before Profit

What if the world ran on the principle of Purpose Before Profit?

MyNeedToLive believes it should.

We believe that organisations need to provide real value to their customers and teams, investing in the individual, taking the time to help, improve and teach.

The world is changing, and the future of business must adapt to a new way of thinking, understanding what they want to achieve, what value they deliver to others and why this is needed.

Profit is not a purpose.

We are all on a journey, with ideas of what we want to become and the world we want to live in.

We are all players in an infinite game. What we strive for in life has no real end goal. Instead we have what we wish to achieve throughout our life and the finish line keeps moving, going beyond even our own existence.

Business is the same. While profits are essential for businesses to survive, they are simply a result. Without investing in purpose, you can damage trust, cooperation, hurt innovation, and thatā€™s when organisations begin to struggle and decline.

A successful business must have a clear purpose to strive for the future, building on what they wish to achieve, not merely a primary goal of being the top company in a list.

Changing the primary goal of business to adapt, learn and improve the lives of young adults, to linking with the ideology of consumers, to build lasting brand relationships and exceed customer expectations, is to be a company that delivers and thrives not just in the moment, but for future generations too.

The need to invest in young adults and build a foundation that encourages skill development, recognition of achievement, and actively engages with communities. Building a relationship with young adults today and impacting their lives will in turn, deliver a profitable outcome to all involved.


Our PurposeBeforeProfit badge is a clear statement:


  • Our business is led by a mission to give young adults the best opportunities, support, and guidance to help build their future.
  • Our business invests all its profits towards their mission.
  • Our business promotes purpose, transparency, and diversity.


MyNeedToLive CIC was created to give young adults a platform and a community where every opinion counts.

We believe that when people collaborate and share ideas it makes the world a better place.

With support, young adults can further develop the needed skills for their chosen career with our free digital credentials, and each new achievement builds momentum, creating even stronger aspirations, to continue their journey of development. By sharing stories in our digital community, they also encourage each other in reaching their goals and these dialogues inspire real and positive change.

We invest our profits into 7 key areas; education, finance, wellbeing, lifestyle, entertainment, career, and enterprise.

Our Digital rewards programme, enables young adults to achieve real life-skill credentials in our 7 key areas, building on their future prospects for employment.

In mentoring Everyday Role Models, we offer support and guidance to build upon their knowledge. By providing needed resources, young adults can openly share their thoughts, ideas and worries. They can find key information and advice, to support them in different stages in their lives. Ā 

To give more young adults the required skills, they need, and by investing in them at this critical stage in their lives, opens doors for future opportunities.

MyNeedToLive is proud to host such a unique community where young adults can have their voice heard.

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