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Tommy Kelly

I’m here to show others that there is hope and light at end of the tunnel and want to help others find recovery and never give in, as you are worth so much and you may think you are in control but as long as you are slave to your […]

What does it mean to be a leader?


Leadership is an interesting concept and one that is quite often misunderstood. The stereotypical or cliché idea of being a leader is someone who is alpha, macho, a man and often the CEO of a big corporation. In reality, being a leader is often the complete opposite; it’s empathetic, it’s […]

About Last Night – Be Your Own Boss


By Hasan Jadayel from Big Youth Group What a night it was! ’Be Your Own Boss’ event was sold out! Thanks to all of the Coaches for dedicating their time to inspire and guide the new generation of entrepreneurs by sharing their knowledge and in-depth experience! We would also like […]

Better Health Through BALANCE!


Most of us have heard, the advice, Everything in moderation! Those, who seek, immediate, easy results, when it comes to living a happier, healthier life, are generally disappointed, because it requires a BALANCE of a variety of actions, including enhancing one’s attitude, lifestyle, personal habits, diet and exercise, etc, as well as using […]

How to Be A Successful Student On a Budget


University is a time where you take your final steps towards adulthood. One of these steps is learning how to be a successful student on a budget. University is all about juggling your academics and social life, on top of that you now need to be responsible for your own cash flow. […]

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