Poem: Sometimes High, Sometimes Low

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Three years after being mentally ill, that led to me being diagnosed with a form of bipolar, Iā€™ve written something to reflect on the experience. Here it is, called Sometimes High, Sometimes Low: Sometimes High, Sometimes Low My thoughts race, I can do anything. I am joyous, I feel like […]

The Secrets to Self-Awareness


The Secrets to: Self-Awareness Self-awareness is about understanding more about you. Itā€™s about being aware of your thoughts, feelings, ego, knowledge, skills, experiences, relationships, communication, strengths & weaknesses, drives, values and behaviours in a situation. Self-awareness isnā€™t something you do just once or occasionally. It should be an on-going day […]

Note to self: Stop Pleasing People


I love doing things for people who love and care about me. Friends, family even acquaintances. I gave my generosity, honesty and my loyalty to them because it felt like they give me a lot of appreciation and encouragement. I loved to hear their feedback and I was always doing […]

Self-Care Ideas


Are you feeling upset in your daily life because of pressure/stress/anxiety that you encounter? In my daily life I feel the pressure, especially when I have to multitask, or it comes time to submitting reports and any work-related problems. Dealing with stress daily becomes exhausting. Have you tried to ask […]

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