Getting a Late Start

Going to bed at a decent time is most definitely not always easy. The daily grind of life itself is tiring as it is, never mind adding life with a mental illness on top of it. While a mental illness definitely takes over your mind, there are also so many […]

Success must be earned

A goal. An aspiration. A dream. We all want the same thing. We want to be successful in life. We want to get famous or we want to achieve a certain goal by a set date. It is normal and we all want it. Some more than others. When we […]

Our very personal Dark Clouds

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By Nishith Singhal All of us are in middle of multiple things at any given point of time. Be it the weekdays when we are at work and struggling to balance between Growing expectation from Customer, Employer, and Teammates. Whether it is shrinking business and margin, stagnation in growth at […]

Uni, do I or don’t I?


It’s supposedly one of the biggest decisions you can make in your life- not just in terms of education and career, but lifestyle and fulfilment as well. So why can’t I decide? When it came to applying for Uni whilst I was doing A Levels, all my friends had powered […]

The Well of Resilience


Resilience or emotional resilience is our ability to deal with adverse events in life that cause pressure or stress. I like to think of resilience as being like water in a well: We only have so much resilience within us, like there is only so much water in a well. […]

Poem: Sometimes High, Sometimes Low

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Three years after being mentally ill, that led to me being diagnosed with a form of bipolar, Iā€™ve written something to reflect on the experience. Here it is, called Sometimes High, Sometimes Low: Sometimes High, Sometimes Low My thoughts race, I can do anything. I am joyous, I feel like […]

The Secrets to Self-Awareness


The Secrets to: Self-Awareness Self-awareness is about understanding more about you. Itā€™s about being aware of your thoughts, feelings, ego, knowledge, skills, experiences, relationships, communication, strengths & weaknesses, drives, values and behaviours in a situation. Self-awareness isnā€™t something you do just once or occasionally. It should be an on-going day […]

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