Understanding Generation Z

By Fahren Khalid from Big Youth Group Anyone born from 1997 onwards can be considered to be part of Generation Z, in other words, this is the generation which grew up with the internet. Commonly seen as social hippies and smartphone addicts, there is more to the eye than you […]

Student Accommodation – Finding The Best One


In case you have small kids who will at some point have to go away to a university or school, you will have to find a suitable accommodation for them when the right time comes. There are several different methods of doing this, including specialist firms that provide a wide […]

Can education help achieve your dreams?

By Jack Parsons from Big Youth Group A majority of young people don’t particularly enjoy being in education, in fact it’s been reported that a fifth of British teenagers drop out of education at 16 — the compulsory age. But why? Research suggests that the majority of teenagers that drop out is […]

Why Should I Become an Outstanding Student?


Just like everyone wants to be rich, nearly every student wants to become an outstanding student. In fact, being an outstanding student is a noble objective, and there is nothing wrong with this goal. But the problem does lie in the fact that not many students have taken enough quality […]

How to Choose a University


The most important thing to remember when choosing a university in the UK is that “league tables” such as the Guardian University Guide or The Times Online University Guide are just that – a guide only. There are no official government lists of universities in terms of quality in the […]

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