A Vegetarian Student Guide

Lorna Davey

Rule number one: Ignore anyone who says being a vegetarian is more expensive than eating meat. As a former student, I know that being vegetarian was one of my financial concerns upon moving out by myself. I soon learnt that it wasn’t the vegetarian substitutes that were racking up my […]

10 Proven Sleep Tips To Help You Rest

myntladmin 2

Lack of a good night’s sleep can have negative effects you may not even realise. The resulting sluggishness, absentmindedness, disorientation, and irritability can impede productivity, concentration and good decision making. The importance of getting the proper amount of rest cannot be overstated. For some people, sleep comes easier than for […]

Better Health Through BALANCE!


Most of us have heard, the advice, Everything in moderation! Those, who seek, immediate, easy results, when it comes to living a happier, healthier life, are generally disappointed, because it requires a BALANCE of a variety of actions, including enhancing one’s attitude, lifestyle, personal habits, diet and exercise, etc, as well as using […]

How to Be A Successful Student On a Budget


University is a time where you take your final steps towards adulthood. One of these steps is learning how to be a successful student on a budget. University is all about juggling your academics and social life, on top of that you now need to be responsible for your own cash flow. […]

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