Graduation… Now What?

Finally Graduation! It is that time of the year, final year university students are wrapping up their studies and getting ready to celebrate the end of a chapter. Being one of those soon-to-be graduates myself, I am very excited about what is coming next in my professional and personal life. […]

What do I need to take to uni halls?

myntladmin 3

September is approaching and those of you heading to uni for the first time may well be asking yourselves, what do I need to take to uni halls? It’s the question many students ask themselves when preparing to head off for their first year at university. Moving away from home […]

University bound?

Cheryl Gomery

So it’s the summer, you have done your exams & applied to university, you have the summer to essentially work/save/have fun with family & friends, especially if you are university bound. Whilst you have may or may not have received offers, the fact is moving to university is probably going […]

Coming out

Cheryl Gomery

So it seems the summer months seem peppered with rainbow colours, flags, clothes & even some extraordinary make up looks. Exeter pride kicks off early in the first weeks of May, however there are still events all over the world to celebrate what is now known as ‘pride’. The rainbow […]

What comes after university?

Gayleen Hodson

For some of you, university may be nearly over. This time can be confusing, stressful and worrying. You may feel pressure about what is to come next. The adventure of university is over. For me, the three years were a blur. They went so quickly and before I knew it, […]

Do you wish to home educate?

Amy Carney

Many people wish to home educate, but they may not have the confidence, or they are worried about what others think, or don’t even know it is legal.  When we first started home educating it was due to bullying, but we decided to place the children back into school.  This […]

Benefits of having a balanced diet.

Having an unplanned or unbalanced diet can prove to be difficult at times. Although we are not required to count our calories, it can be beneficial to know how much we should be eating in one day including how many calories we have in what we eat. If you feel […]

Why Do I Go To Gamblers Anonymous?

Mark Russell

My name is Mark and I’m a compulsive gambler. My last bet was April 2nd 2019. I have found myself thinking a lot about this question along with why do I post on the problem gambling Reddit sub frequently, why do I attend my weekly Skype meeting and why do […]

8 Finance Tips To Help You Survive Uni


by Bex Sutton, NeedToLive Graphic Designer Get Organised – Getting organised with your bills, recording your in-goings and out-goings is essential, especially for those people who tend to overspend each month. Write a list of all your bills. This would be rent, utility bills, entertainment bills, gym memberships, subscriptions, food […]

The ‘aaah!’​ of a new job…


By Daisy Bavage, NeedToLive Everyday Role Model Manager We all go through it, but the experience can be different for everyone… My most recent experience with being the ‘newbie’ If you have read any of my latest articles, or have taken a look at my profile, it will probably be […]

Summer ideas.

So it’s finally summer and you seem to have all this free time. What are you going to do this summer? You may not have any plans and you may not be going on any holidays this year. Do you plan to party your summer away? Enjoy your late summer […]

Need Help? Don’t be afraid to ask

myntladmin 2

By Laura Price, NeedToLive Marketing Project Manager For as long as I can remember I was always too scared to ask when I needed help. If I was stuck on a question in school I would rather guess the answer than ask the teacher for help. To this day I […]

Plymouth RelayFest 2019


Relay For Life is a global event and we are proud, as always, to be holding this awesome 24 hour event for the 4th year running to raise money for Cancer Research UK This year we are holding our amazing Festival/Funday/Fete at the Tor Bridge High School. This year we […]

Small ways to improve your day to day life.

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Life can become pretty mundane. You find yourself living through the motions and in a looping routine. You become trapped in a box and living life like a robot. Have you ever thought of trying something new? Or going on an adventure? Or perhaps you’re just wishing for something as […]

Tents & Campfires

I was hesitant to try camping. For years. I mean, why would I want to sleep in a tent outside, when I can sleep inside my warm house in my bed? My husband always loved camping, so eventually, I agreed to try it. While our first camping experience was definitely […]

The importance of music!

By Hasan Jadayel -Verified by Big Youth Group. Advertising Student in University of Arts London. 21 Years old. Football and Music enthusiast, with aims to achieve a lot in life, who are we without ambition? Strong believer in the phrase “Knowledge is power”, and believe there’s knowledge in everything. Creativity […]

Me, myself and my Anxiety.

5 ways to help take your mind off of crippling anxiety. Remember to breathe. I know that everyone says it but it really does work, try breathing in for four and out for four for a period of 5 minuets at a time. Anxiety attacks release a chemical called Adrenalin, […]

5 Critical Moments

I think that in.. life, there are these really important moments. These moments that play a part in shaping you, your personality, and/or your path in life. These moments can be small. Just tiny little pieces to the puzzle of life. They can be huge and life changing as well. […]

Feeling lost?

Zoe Manley

I imagine there’s a period in everyone’s life when they feel lost, but it may hold different meaning for different people. It’s a phrase I have both used and heard used many times; “I feel lost, I’ve lost my way, I’ve lost myself, my motivation , my sense of purpose.” […]

How much does home education cost?

Amy Carney

One of the things that are a big concern for anyone that wants to home educate their children is the cost.  People are often surprised when I say it can cost nothing, it all depends on how you wish to home educate. If you wish to continue following the national […]

Budgeting for the Beginner

Tired of being broke all of the time? Are you living paycheck to paycheck? Do you have little to no money in a savings account?  Do you wonder where your money has gone at the end of the month? Do you struggle to pay your routine bills, let alone get […]

Do’s and Don’ts – Exam style

It’s that time of the year again. It’s exam season and you are either overworked and stressed or completely unprepared. Here are DO’s and DON’Ts so that you can survive your exams. DO: Study: You cannot avoid this. You must study and prepare yourself effectively for your exams. Whether you […]

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