What this felt like to me…

Megan Owens

I struggle to breathe, My chest is tight, Millions of thoughts I’m trying to fight. My throat feels strangled, I don’t know what to do, How did this happen so out of the blue? I must calm down, I must stay in control, I cannot let all my emotions start […]

Do you clap for the NHS? Why?

Louise Daniel

As a nation, the UK likes to build up heroes just to knock them down. Community movement #ClapfortheNHS is rightly getting a lot of airtime. We should show our support for the nurses, doctors, et al keeping us healthy and safe. Ordinary people led the movement to clap in support […]

Are you on TikTok?

Louise Daniel

Packed with creativity, TikTok, is easily the the most fun you can have on your smart phone right now. Experiencing the lives of others through social media isn’t anything new, but the rawness and authenticity of short personal vlogs makes for compelling viewing. Whether you watch, are an avid poster […]

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