Why Should I Become an Outstanding Student?


Just like everyone wants to be rich, nearly every student wants to become an outstanding student. In fact, being an outstanding student is a noble objective, and there is nothing wrong with this goal. But the problem does lie in the fact that not many students have taken enough quality […]

How to Choose a University


The most important thing to remember when choosing a university in the UK is that “league tables” such as the Guardian University Guide or The Times Online University Guide are just that – a guide only. There are no official government lists of universities in terms of quality in the […]

How To Socialise For Less At University


Of course, it’s best to have a clear budget to see you through the month. But if the bills are mounting, don’t miss out. Here are a few ideas for what to do when money is tight, but you still want to hang out with your mates. Join Meetup MeetUp is […]

How I Managed My Mental Health at University


If you’re like me and struggling with mental health, going to university may not seem like the best thing in the world. Having to meet new people, go to lectures and dedicate time to learning is more than just a little bit daunting, and it can be tempted to tell […]

How to Build Your Self-Confidence


Building your self-confidence can be difficult when you start university. You are finding your place in a new location with a new group of people. In times of change, self-confidence can drop, leaving us anxious and hesitant, fuelling our inner critic. However, there are ways to counteract this. Step Out […]

How to Reach Out For Mental Health Support


Beginning your new life as a university student is an incredibly exciting time. It allows you to meet new and interesting people, live independently – often for the first time – and you will undoubtedly have experiences that will stay with you for the rest of your life. However, university […]

How to Look After Your Mental Health During Revision


When it comes to exams, there’s a fine line between an apprehension that keeps you motivated, and suffering from the kind of all-encompassing stress that will negatively impact not only your revision but your general mental health. So how do you make sure you’re looking after yourself? Revision Strategies If […]

The Best Place To Study For Maximum Productivity


We’re all different is so many ways… we like different foods… have different tastes in music and film… some people feel the cold more than others… The same comes to learning and studying. We all do it differently. It’s why different techniques for, say revision, work better for some than others. […]

What Living in a Student House is Really Like


Fresh from spending a year in halls, moving into an actual house with your chosen friends can be quite a change. No longer in a big block of flats, the moment you step into your new house you feel like first year was a distant memory. It’s definitely different, so […]

20 student kitchen cupboard essentials


Once you’ve got these essentials in the cupboard, your meals will pretty much cook themselves (well, almost)! Nearly everything listed will keep for years, too. When you first arrive at uni, it can be really easy to get into the habit of continually reaching for the takeaway menu – especially if you’ve never really […]

6 Things No One Tells You About Money Before Uni


When it comes to managing your cash, forget the trial and error: Save the Student reveals winning strategies for getting – and keeping hold of – your money at university. 1. Student Finance is Over in a Flash Getting your first Student Finance pay-out is like winning the lottery, and […]

9 awesome careers you can get with any degree

myntladmin 1

Realised your degree subject isn’t for you after all? Don’t sweat – there are heaps of interesting career options you can pursue, regardless of what you studied. You might think you’re alone in not having a clue what you want to do after graduation, or in deciding your degree subject isn’t […]

How to Make Your Student Flat Feel Like Home


I’m sure you’ve envied the Instagram photos of rooms with draped fairy lights, polaroid pics and plants hanging from the ceiling. Although student halls are often pretty basic, we’ve got some top tips to make your student room feel like a home away from home. Print Photographs of Friends and Family Moving […]

5 Things You Need to Know About University Lecturers


A-levels? Done. Offers? Accepted. Ridiculous fresher’s costumes? Bought. Congrats – you’ve made it. Welcome to Big School! You probably feel pretty prepared, pretty pleased with yourself, smug even – except there’s one thing you have no idea about. You’ve never had a university lecture and you know next to nothing […]

Dealing With Grief While At University


Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy, it’s a time of great sadness and many will struggle to cope with the grieving process. It can have a prolonged negative impact on your mental and physical wellbeing. Grief is a reaction to intense emotions and pain, we […]

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