Overwhelmed? My Top 3 Tips To Combat This Feeling.


Gayleen Hodson

11 November 2020 2 comments

In this modern day world, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed. We are available to everyone at the simple touch of a button on social media. Which means, we are effectively never switching off and taking care of our own needs. It’s easy to take on too much in life, from work to home life, social life and own self care needs. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Here are my top tips to combat this feeling.

1. Write Lists.

I swear by this. I would say having different lists for different areas of your life works best. For example; if your housework and chores are piling up on top of you, write down a list for this. You can then write a separate list for any work or university assignments and projects you need to complete.

By writing down on paper everything you need to do, it allows you to follow the lists to ensure that you complete all of the tasks. It also allows you to take mental clutter inside of your head and place it down into physical space. This lessons that overwhelmed, stressed feeling.

2. Colour Code Your Tasks.

I use a traffic light system with my own tasks. This helps to sort the tasks into how important they are or when their deadlines are due.

I use red for the tasks that absolutely can not be missed. These are important to do ASAP. The deadlines may be the closest deadlines so I need to get them done quicker, with more importance. I try not to let these red tasks build up, or else I will end up feeling even more overwhelmed and stressed.

Orange is used for the tasks that could do with being worked on, those that have a fairly soon deadline but its not immediate or impending. I use orange for long tasks too, which aren’t due yet but may take a while so I can slowly chip away at them.

Green is for easy tasks. Tasks that I’m on top of. At times, if the tasks are easy and quick, it may help my work load to get one of these done amongst the red. These don’t have an immediate deadline.

3. Step Away and Take a Break.

Once you have written down your lists and then colour coded them, I would strongly advise that you step away and take a break and have a cup of tea with some biscuits. Why not take a look on the Need To Live website to browse some fab discounts whilst you take a break.

I can never concentrate right away, so I try to take a 5 minute break to gather my energy and thoughts. I am then ready and raring to go to tackle the list of jobs. By stepping away after writing the lists, you are banishing away those feelings of stress and feeling overwhelmed. You allow yourself to take a breather before embarking on your mission to tackle those jobs.

What do you put into place when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed? Do you have some coping tactics? Pop a comment below- I would love to hear from you.

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2 thoughts on “Overwhelmed? My Top 3 Tips To Combat This Feeling.

  1. Chloe Faulkner

    Great advice! I love the colour coding idea and writing lists.
    I always kept a diary and wrote down everything I did, then I would highlight them to let me know I’ve completed my tasks.

    1. Nice post. I find that writing my tasks down keeps me organized and I like the idea of colour coding and most importantly it’s okay to take a break.

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