My New Years Resolutions


Gayleen Hodson

02 January 2020 0 comments

2020 is here! I love that a New Year can mark a fresh start. So, for my fresh start I like to set New Years resolutions. Now I have 80% of my resolutions that I usually fail with, but let’s hope I can turn it around this year. So, what are my New Years resolutions?

Set Time For Myself

I have had one of the most stressful, hectic and exhausting years of my life. Now don’t get me wrong, I have also had one of the most exciting, adventurous and amazing years. But life needs to be about balance. In the last 6 months, I failed to achieve a healthy work/ life balance and I ended up overwhelmed most weeks.

So in 2020, I need to readdress this balance and make sure that I have time to myself to rest, relax and invest in myself. I need to block out some time for myself each week so that I can rest and recover and achieve better results.

Lose Weight

I do this one every year, and surprise surprise it’s one of the ones I fail at. This year I need it to be different. I have a goal of 3 stone to lose and I will do anything to achieve it.

Maybe, breaking down the goal will be more effective. Perhaps I need to ban certain foods in the week and see how that goes. For example, chocolate and crisps can be saved just for one day a week. I think I need to do something different though, as nothing has really worked before. Watch this space.

Don’t Chase People

Now, this was one from 2019 and I am pleased to say, that on the whole I did stick to it. But there were certainly situations where I could have done this more. I have learnt over the years that friendships come and go, and to let them go.

Every friendship has its reason for being in your life, but eventually a lot may dwindle and distance from your life. It is best to accept this and to let them go. When you end up chasing friendships and putting all the effort in, all that happens is your self esteem takes a hit and the friendship dissipates regardless. What is meant for you will be yours. This is the case with friendships too.

I have also had one of the most exhausting years of my life, so any energy I have must go onto myself, my family, my children and my work. Not friends that don’t put any effort in. I shall save my efforts for those that also make an effort back.

Live More In The Moment

I have spent time becoming more mindful over the past few years. I see the importance of this now, it takes away the regret of the past, the doubts of the future. It is really important to live more in the moment and this is a big aim of mine this year.

What are your New Years resolutions for 2020? Have you made any yet? Or do you not believe in them? Pop a comment below, I would love to hear from you. Also, don’t forget to treat yourselves this January- check out the deals on this website today!

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