My Covid Vaccine Experience


Amber Edwards

07 June 2021 0 comments

My Vaccine Experience

It was no surprise when I had the invitation through the post to book my first Covid vaccine, I’m type 1 Diabetic and classified as ‘high risk’. I do not want to sound ungrateful which I am definitely not, I was just very unsure when it came to booking the jab.

I’m not one of those ‘anti-vaxxers’ and by no means do I think the government are secretly using vaccines to implant tiny tracking devices in us or anything similar! However, just like a lot of people, I had some concerns. As a woman, I know one day for sure I want to be a mum, I don’t know where this fear originated but I was terrified for a while that the vaccination could cause infertility. Whether it was stories from past vaccines going wrong or just the incomprehension of how quickly they created the vaccines or even the fact that pregnant women or those actively trying to conceive were advised to skip the vaccine, I couldn’t shake this imaginary risk I had created in my head. So I did all I could do which as research, research, research! I think the main thing that put me at ease was finding an article on HuffPost that reported 23 participants of a vaccine trial became pregnant after having the jabs.

My mum was booking her second jab and my and sister also had a vaccine invite so we booked them all at the same time for moral support and a fun, family day out! Here’s how it went.

3 days before the Covid Vaccine

Still feeling slightly unsure about the vaccine but pretty sure I’m going to go for it. Lots on the news lately about side effects etc, not 100% sure which vaccine I’ll be getting until I get there! My appointment is at the hospital rather than other locations I was offered like a football stadium and concert venue.

The Day before the Covid Vaccine

More research!! Not feeling nervous about the jab itself as I’m not bothered by injections.

The morning of the Covid Vaccine

On my way with my mum and sister to our family trip out to the vaccine centre!

13.30: In queue.
14.10: All done! The jab didn’t hurt, just a little scratch.
Process: 2 queues, one for 1st vaccine and one for 2nd vaccine. The seconds were Pfizer and the first was AstraZeneca which is what I was given. First you sit down with a nurse who asks you a few questions about allergies then reassures you if you have any concerns. They check if you’re feeling under the weather at all and inform you of possible side effects. Then you move on to the next section which is the vaccination itself, you sit down and the nurse double checks about allergies. She asks which arm you want it in and the jab itself takes barely 3 seconds. Then up to a waiting room where they advise you to wait for 15 mins to check you don’t have a reaction.
Then on your way and all done!

Later that day after the Covid Vaccine

A tiny bit of an achy arm but nothing major!

The following morning

Woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I’d been hit by a bus. Think I was lucky enough to get all possible side effects going! Headache, aching arm, sore throat, nausea, achy muscles, general feeling groggy and exhausted. This isn’t to put anyone off, I just wanted to be completely honest about my experience!

The next day

Feeling absolutely fine again, not even left with an achy arm!

Overall, I’m glad I did it and I’m feeling a lot more positive about it all now, the day of side effects was not fun but a small price to pay for the protection against Covid-19.

Now for jab no. 2…

Have you had your Covid Vaccine or worried about getting it? Share your experience and #TellYourStory with MyNeedToLive

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