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Chillee Noir

There are two very common and destructive misconceptions about life. Firstly, you don’t have to be “special” to succeed, every single one of you can achieve success in its highest degree. The second misconception, a small little word called “luck.” My friends, “luck” does not exist as far as success is concerned.

I can guarantee that if you were to ask any person who you would consider successful, not a single one of them will sit down and begin with “Well I just happen to be one of the lucky ones!” It won’t happen. What sets these people apart is their mentality.

tHAT Monday Morning

“Monday’s don’t suck, your attitude needs tweaking”

Ā -Monday Mornings.

From speaking to a variety of people from several professions and walks of life. Maintaining their mentality seems to be the most common denominator. We’ve all woken up on a Monday morning, it’s raining outside, you’ve slept through your alarm. In no way are you prepared for the day. Motivation has really left the chat. This is where most fall short of maximising their mindset and potential. Understand that motivation is a sprinter trying to run a marathon, and life really is a marathon. Instead of waking up on that rainy Monday morning and thinking “Wow, I just am not motivated for it today.” The first thing out of your mouth should be “Wow! I just can’t wait to get started today!”

Learn to LOVE Rejection


I know what you’re thinking, that’s a lie, why would I say that when I’m not excited for the day? The answer is simple. Motivated or not, you’re putting yourself in a positive state of mind from the beginning. This form of positive reinforcement disciplines your mind to always have the mentality to succeed. No matter how you feel, you will have the energy and the mentality to take anything on!

Going back, this mindset is what will allow you to be able to stop relying on on luck. In any journey to the top, there is always one thing that is an inevitability. Rejection. Learn to love the word “no” if you’re serious about reaching your goals. The best way I have found to love the word no and deal with rejection? Treat them like that Monday morning, the first thought after a rejection should be,

Ā “Wow! I am so excited for the next opportunity!”

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