Lockdown Projects: Start these now!

So, as I’m sitting in bed watching Netflix for the hundredth time, or pacing idly around the house, occasionally opening the fridge door for no reason whatsoever, I decided no more. No more moping about feeling bored and sorry for myself. It was time to use this lockdown to actually get stuff done; stuff that actually mattered to me. It is all well and good colouring in a picture, but would that really satisfy you and fill that hole left by becoming jobless? No, I didn’t think so. Don’t get me wrong, there are still people working indoors and outdoors, but this is for the people that are going crazy from boredom and the feeling of pure uselessness. Not to fret, I have come up with unique project ideas to help get you started on those dreams!

    If, like myself, you’ve been thinking of starting a YouTube, or realised how much you binge watch videos, why not start a channel yourself! It’s fun, it’s time consuming and can actually lead to a decent income if you are consistent with it. It has definitely helped me have a goal to work towards each day, a purpose that is both exciting and fulfilling. I treat is as a new business, constantly nurturing it to grow. Research ideas, grab your phone or camera, record and see what happens! My number one advice with this is to be confident. I know, easier said than done right, but it really is true. Even if you don’t feel confident, you can act confident, and acting confident usually results in feeling more confident naturally.
    Have you been planning to write a book, an essay, a poem, a song? Anything at all. Now is the time to sit down and get that done and dusted. You will feel a lot more accomplished. You can even write from bed if you so desire. Grab a drink and some snacks and settle down, or get dressed and sit up at a table; whatever motivates you to work the hardest. Even if you write one word, that’s one word more than zero! I have used this down time to write more of my fantasy novel, which to be honest, I hadn’t sat down to write in a long time. I instantly got back into it, and realised I had missed it so much and had been neglecting the hobbies I used to love.
    I understand not everyone is a creative person, or wants to put in a tonne of time into using their brain for downtime. It’s downtime, not study time! Even though I am that person who loves reading, writing and learning, not everyone feels the same. If you love to bake, bake something! If you want to bake, but are rubbish at it, bake something! Practice equals perfect, or, at least, better than rubbish. In baking, you can choose to follow a structured recipe and get those buns perfect, or you can be more creative and make some stuff up and see what happens. Either way, it’s still fun and you’ll be learning a new skill. Just don’t eat toooo many!

Whatever project you decide to undertake, have fun with it and don’t be too harsh on yourself. This is a great time to be freer with your time and to really look after your mind. It is a unique situation that none of us have ever faced before; it is perfectly acceptable to have a breakdown or two, or to be completely fine and thriving! I hope you find a passion project during this period and learn to enjoy your free time.

2 thoughts on “Lockdown Projects: Start these now!

  1. These are great projects to start! I never considered starting my own YouTube channel, but I have been thinking about attempting to write a novel. My blog has already been keeping me busy with lots of writing though!

    1. I’m glad you liked it! You should definitely start writing! Even if you don’t write lots or have no goals, starting is the best feeling 😊

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