Lockdown lunacy: Top 5 celebrity fails

Louise Daniel

Lock down is hard for everyone, right? As the saying goes – the grass is always greener on the other side.

There are clearly different types of lockdown lunacy. Some of us are holed up with parents/friends/flatmates/relatives we are slowly getting to like or loathe. Others are happily on their own but wistfully craving a bit of human contact (going for the weekly shop doesn’t count – thank you social distancing).

Thankfully there is TikTokĀ and YouTube to save the day. These two social media behemoths give us the media we need right now. We have a window into the world of the rich, famous and more interestingly every day people just doing their thing.

It’s mostly a win for us norms – we cannot get enough of people letting it all hang out (literally and metaphorically). Everything which makes us human is laid bare in short punchy videos and people respond to the authenticity.

But it’s hard to deny the draw of nosing around in celebrities homes while they attempt to stay relevant. It is amusing at how some are still struggling with the idea they are in privileged positions – roles that we, the people bestowed on them.

It’s clear, getting the tone right on social media is a hit and miss affair. Celebrity messages vary wildly and some of them fall very flat.

It’s inevitable as artifice gets stripped away, and PR machines propping up celebs grind to a halt, people in the public eye find themselves in the court of public opinion.

Here are our top five celebrity fails:

1. Gal Gadot & friends – Imagine

Utter, utter nonsense. Patronising and sickly. Who do they think they are?

2. Ellen De Generes backlash

Oh dear. Not everyone is a fan of this comedienne turned show host. Is it fair? Who knows. Does it make for top notch YouTubing, Most Definitely.

3. Madonna

Is this really Madonna? Bizarre bath convo. How weird? You decide.

4. Vanessa Hudgens

Insensitive and insane? Or just misguided. Your choice.

5. Sam Smith

Love or loathe Ricky Gervais he may be on the money here. What’s your take on Sam Smiths’s meltdown?

6. Bonus celebrities

You can always count on Ryan Reynolds to take the mick out of the absurdity of celebrity.

Who are your most loved/loathed celebrities. Are you more engaged with real people and real stories or the daft musings of super rich whingers?

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