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Food is essential to life; without it, we wouldn’t survive. However, in the modern age of fast food and with the plethora of easily accessible online food outlets, many would argue that cooking is becoming a less essential skill. I would argue otherwise. Despite the convenience of Deliveroo, Uber Eats or Just Eat, consuming takeaways and ready meals on a regular basis is unhealthy long term. Many of these foods are high in trans-fat and preservatives, both could lead to health complications in the future.  

Cooking allows you to take back control over what enters your body. Learning new recipes and shopping for fresh produce regularly is likely to improve your overall health. Moreover, cooking is often much cheaper than ordering in, you could even put aside the savings to treat yourself and loved ones to dinner or a night out.  

Despite its many advantages, the ability to cook is becoming rarer and rarer, especially amongst young people. Many of us are scared to experiment with new techniques and feel like it must be difficult as we have never done it before.  

Cooking is a highly valuable life skill, if for nothing other than the potential financial savings you could make through buying ingredients fresh and cooking instead of ordering in. The sooner you learn and the more recipes you become aware of, the less intimidating it will seem. 

Check out our suggested recipes for beginners and watch the beginner’s skills video to get yourself started! 

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3 thoughts on “Learning to cook

  1. Learning how to cook has been a godsend at uni! I tend to batch cook healthy meals and then freeze them so that when I have late finishes I don’t have to faff about with cooking, I can just pop a meal in the microwave and be done with it.

  2. Great article. I’m learning how to cook at the moment as a way to help me overcome my fear of food and eating. I used to cook all the time, but I’m now finding it quite difficult.

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