Interview Questions (With Examples)

Do you have trouble with interview questions? Here are 3 questions with example answers, what do say if you don’t understand the question and what to avoid.

“Are you overqualified for this job?”

My experience demonstrates I am fully qualified for the position, not overqualified to do the job. My experience will enable me to reach the expected level of productivity for this job faster and with less training. I would not apply for a position I wasn’t fully committed to…”

“Tell Me about yourself”

(If your experience doesn’t apply to the role)
My 5 years of experience in hospitality has taught me a great deal about dealing with customers. Developing strong problem-solving skills, honed my ability to manage conflict and deal with demanding individuals in a professional manner with clear communication skills. I am keen to utilise my passion for excellent customer service in providing the best possible experience for your retail customers.

Why are you the ideal candidate for this role?

This role will allow me to apply my knowledge and skills to met targets set. The position will allow me to learn and grow as a person, where I am excited about the challenges that will test my potential and where I can make a valued contribution to this company.

What if I don’t understand the question?

Always make sure you understand the question the interviewer is asking. If you are not sure what the question is, ask the following.
“Do you want me to tell you about …?
“Are you asking me about…?”
“Just so I am clear, you are asking about…?

Make sure to avoid these mistakes.

  1. Using vague terms like “usually” and “sometimes” rather than sticking to facts.
  2. Providing your opinion rather than a real example ” I believe it is best to…”
  3. Saying what you would, in theory, do rather than what you actually did “I would have…”

I hope these tips are helpful. Share any interview questions and answers you would recommend. #TellYourStory with MyNeedToLive

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