International Nurses Day 2020: a wake up call for the human race


Louise Daniel

12 May 2020 0 comments

The world is undergoing a transformation, but is it going to last?

For two months, the majority of us have been holed up at home, naval gazing. The global death toll is rising and statistics make for sobering reading, most of us are protected in our bubbles.

Most of us are sitting on the sidelines, clapping for the NHS, gasping at the struggles of front line workers, dismayed or thankful (depending on your viewpoint) about how they are/are not supported by the powers that be.

We are all getting through this the best way we can, but International Nurses Day 2020 is the day to stop for a moment and really reflect on how monumental the task of looking after sick people really is.

Pre COVID-19 the world took our key workers for granted. How many of us ever gave a second thought to nurses?


These dedicated carers, who train for many years, frequently stand in for doctors, cleaners and counsellors. They are the people who see death every day, who see suffering and pain, who literally nurse people through some of the most traumatic things a human being can go through during their lifetime.

Personal experience can teach us to be directly thankful, but even then it can be easy to forget.

If anything good is to come out of the terrible situation we currently find ourselves in, it should be at the very least to continue to stop taking nurses for granted once the pandemic is under control.

Can we be better humans? Is this new normal a wake up call for the human race? One certainly hopes so.

Do you know an NHSAngel? What lessons have you learned during lockdown?

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