How to stay motivated during lockdown

It’s crazy, going from our normal busy everyday routines to just, doing absolutely nothing. I used to look forward to the days when I had nothing scheduled, a free day with no burdens to intervene – now I can’t wait to get back to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, some may have other ideas about this whole affair, seeing it more as a negative burden. In this post, I aim to change your point of view, why would you look at something in a sad light when you can simply change it to a positive perspective?

Get up - early

The first hurdle to overcome. It’s important you do this, starting the day early encourages your mindset to feel more motivated. This is due to the vast amount of time you now have to get so much more done with your day! The world is your oyster, you can do whatever you want with the day -within reason of course. If you are able to, get up at 7/8am every day, that way you are setting your body clock to do so. I’ve been doing this, and now no longer need an alarm, for my body is waking up naturally, which always feels much better may I add. 

Get dressed, straight away

Getting dressed as soon as you get up is one of the best things you can do to help encourage you to seize the day. Dressing in your pyjamas all day will not help you get done the jobs you need to. By all means, have a day in your pj’s if you feel you need that break, but in order to tackle tasks head on, you must be dressed to do so.

Make your bed

A simple small task that only takes 2 minutes, but already you’ve completed a task on your list o things to do today. By taking on smaller tasks, the feeling of accomplishment will push you to succeed in the bigger chores you’ve set yourself for the day.

Eat well

Having a balanced diet is super important in times like these, especially when many of us cannot attend the gym or perhaps the food we wouldn’t normally buy isn’t as readily available in the supermarkets. No matter though, w will work with what we’ve got! Try new recipes, workouts and meditation practices, they will honestly do you the world of good and you will feel so so much better knowing you’ve achieved a goal. Only the other day I set my sights on running 5k, and did so successfully (even if it did tire me out for the rest of the day!)

Write down all the tasks you want to complete and when

Setting both long and short term goals is very important so as to reach them within a certain time frame. By writing down all the goals I want to achieve the night before, I end up being able to tick off multiple tasks as I have a goal to work towards. If I didn’t do this I know for a fact I would end up forgetting half the stuff I wanted to get done, and so therefore this is a successful strategy to achieve your goals!


Love Eleanor xx

2 thoughts on “How to stay motivated during lockdown

  1. This is exactly what I need to read right now, thank you so much for sharing your suggestions! My motivation has been pretty low lately but I’ve started to eat well again and do some exercise and it certainly makes a positive difference. Writing down goals is such a good idea to keep us focused and have something to work towards. Thank you for sharing! <3 xx

    Bexa |

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