How To Prepare For The Festive Season


Gayleen Hodson

11 November 2019 0 comments

For some, the ‘C’ word, (NOT that one) is frowned upon to even mention this time of year. But for others, Christmas could not come quick enough.

I am in the latter category, I absolutely love Christmas time and I like to get organised early so that I can enjoy being festive and not stressed throughout December. But which ever category you’re in, follow these tips to help you prepare for the festive season.

Set A Budget

The most important thing to do, is to set a budget. This ensures that you are sensible when it comes to shopping and can help to keep costs down this Christmas.

Make sure you think of hidden costs, such as cards, wrapping paper and decorations. Write out the categories and allocate realistic money to each one.

Suggest A Secret Santa

If you have a lot of university friends, flat mates or even work colleagues, suggest Secret Santa. Secret Santa is a fun way of keeping costs down low and makes shopping far easier. You can arrange a Christmas do, or meal where you can all sit down and exchange gifts.

You could even make a game of guessing who got you the gift. This way, you only need to think of one gift and make the effort for that, rather than not knowing who to buy for.

Buy Bit By Bit

I have already started my Christmas shopping, which many would scoff at but this is how I keep costs low and also how I stop myself from the last minute stressful Christmas shopping.

The shops tend to be packed in December with everyone doing their shopping. Whereas by doing shopping by bit by bit, you can avoid the big crowds, avoid the stress and spread the costs out over a few months rather than December being one big hit on the bank balance. This then frees up some spending money to enjoy festive drinks with friends.

Keep Lists And Write Everything Down

Keep writing everything down in special book or folder. This way you won’t forget what you have gotten people. By having lists handy too, each time you pop to the shops, you can remember who and what you need to buy for.

Wrap as you go too, to avoid the Christmas Eve panic wrap. By keeping lists too, you’ll remember what is inside. Obviously, keep everything hidden and private so no one takes a peek at what you’ve gotten them. This is one of the best ways to keep organised.

Keep Everything In One Place

This seems silly, but too often in the past when I have had several hiding places, or places where I put my shopping or presents, I end up misplacing items.

By designating a spot to where you want to keep your gifts etc, you won’t lose anything when it comes to the time to hand it all out.

Get Social Dates In Your Diary Now

December is a manic month for social events and activities. Start to plan what you want to attend now and write these in your diary and phone calendar now.

This way you won’t end up missing out on an event, or double booking yourself. Also get your transport home sorted for the end of term.

I hope these tips have helped you with the planning and preparation of Christmas. Who knew so much went in to it?! Have you got any handy tips for Christmas preparation you’d like to share? Leave a comment below.

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