How to Build Your Confidence

While there are many things in life that happen to shake our confidence, thankfully there is an abundance of things that we can do to build and strengthen our confidence.  

It seems that in society today that there are a million things that can shake our confidence or even knock it right down.  Thankfully there is just as many things to build our confidence.  I’d love to start the conversation and see if we can create a great list of ways to boost our confidence, especially in trying times.  Here’s a few of my ideas:

Set Ourselves Up for Success

Setting ourselves up for constant success is a great way to keep our confidence levels up.  For example, rather than creating a big goal, lets set up small, bite-size goals that we can achieve rather quickly.  This will not only help motivate us toward achieving the big goal, it will also give us wins along the way!  It’s a great way to keep confidence levels up.

Positive Affirmations

I’m a big believer that if we say something to ourselves enough we will believe in it and make it happen.  To that end, positive affirmations (“I can do that,” “I will find ways to be happy today,” and “I will find the positive in any setbacks I have today”) can do a lot to make our days better.  The more positive mindset we can maintain during the day, the higher our confidence level will be that day.  And positive affirmations can do just that.

Develop a Thicker Skin

The reality is that at times, negative talk or energy will come into our world, sometimes directed right at us.  During times like this, it may be necessary to develop a bit of a thicker skin.  In other words, not take the talk or energy personally.  Quite often it’s completely unrelated to us, we just happen to get the unlucky target of the energy or talk.  In times like this, keeping a thicker skin and letting the comments bounce off of us can help us keep our confidence levels up and disregard the comments.

Remind Ourselves of How Special We Are

This may seem silly, but I think that part of self-care is reminding ourselves at times how special we are.  What our unique traits are, what makes us special to our friends and family, and why we are such a valuable member of our tribe.   Perhaps we should take some time to remind ourselves of compliments we’ve been given.  They are a great way to remind ourselves of the greatness others see in us.

What ways do you boost your confidence?

I would love to hear your strategies for success in these areas.  What helps boost your confidence, especially on the challenging days?

28 thoughts on “How to Build Your Confidence

  1. I love the positivity in this post! Setting attainable goals and celebrating small successes always builds my confidence. And I really like the idea of positive affirmations, that’s something I have to practise more.

    Anika |

  2. Your tips are spot on! Sometimes I take things to personally and let it ruin my day. I definitely need to develop tougher skin lol. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Positive affirmations, always help me. I remind myself time to time what’s my potential and what i can do if i just Trust myself. It works like that

  4. This is a useful post. I am really wroking on developing my confidence.Handling negative comments is one thing I am yet to learn. Thanks for sharing

  5. Building self confidence is something that a lot of us struggle with. It is great to have articles like this, reminding us of how we can go about this and gradually get there.

  6. I love this post. So many great ideas on how to build up your confidence. Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Great tips! Positive affirmations are definitely important, especially when you’re delving into a major project where any semblance of “success” is far in the future.

  8. I love this! It’s definitely important to build a thicker skin. We can’t control people’s actions, but we can control our reactions!

  9. For confidence, I always stick to fake it till you make it. Also, preparing for every contingency beforehand makes me calm and confident that I can be flexible and adjust to whatever situation I face.

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