How much does home education cost?

Amy Carney

One of the things that are a big concern for anyone that wants to home educate their children is the cost.Ā  People are often surprised when I say it can cost nothing, it all depends on how you wish to home educate.

If you wish to continue following the national curriculum for some parents this can be easy, but for others they need help.Ā  This could mean a 1-1 tutor which will be anything from Ā£25 per hour up or an online course.Ā  Some parents use these even though they do not wish to follow the national curriculum. (NeedToLive offers online and in-person tutors here.)

Then there is the option that we follow, were we buy loads of books and other educational items that go towards what they want to do.Ā  These can easily be brought online through sites such as Amazon or Ebay.Ā  Also local bookstores are great, as well as toy stores as there is amazing kits for education.

There is things that do cost but can be classed as apart of daily life and needs.Ā  So we often cook, this is a great lesson for children.Ā  As well as it being a extremely important skill for anyone to have.Ā  With this important lesson there is also other skills that are required for example English, reading the recipes and understanding the instructions.

The one that very few people choose is often called “unschooling”.Ā  To unschool your children you just go along with they would like to do.Ā  Depending on the child the range is very wide from computer game fun to being out digging the garden.

But the best thing about home education is the connection between the parents and children.Ā  For us it is also the help it has provided for our children’s mental health.

If you would like to understand more about home education comment your questions below.

Written by Amy Carney

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