How Do You Live Life: Comfort is a Must or Life is an Endless Adventure?

There are an endless number of ways that we each can choose to live our life – life is an adventure or comfort is a must, with an endless number of options in between. Which do you choose?

There are an endless number of ways that we each can choose to live our life.  We can choose a very comfortable life where much stays the same day-to-day and we put little at risk for something new or different.

Alternatively, we can live of a life filled with adventure.  Each day intentionally different then the next and the expected becomes the unexpected.   Something new and different is the norm; same old same old just will not do.

Two spectrums with an endless number of options in between the two.  So, which do we choose?   We do choose – that is for sure.  Simply doing nothing is as much of a choice as doing something.

Life is an Adventure

The extreme of this life are the people that live life by the seat of their pants.  Nothing is guaranteed; nothing is assumed.  Expect the unexpected.

Diversity is at the ultimate in this lifestyle.  Change is a must.   If life was a picture it would be a robust, colorful one with colors drawn outside the lines.  Everything is possible and anything goes.  The wins can be huge, but the losses may be as well.

Middle of the Road

This is me.  Right smack in the middle of the road between life is an adventure and predictability is a pretty darn good thing.  I like a strong foundation in my life.   A safety net is a must for me when it comes to most, but not all, things.

That said, I do have a wild side.  I like to take risks, but  (mostly) calculated risks.  I do like big wins and I am willing to take the losses that could come with them when it comes to some things.  But for the most part, what I do is carefully thought out.  I’m not willing to gamble it all.  But I’m willing to jump into the game and dabble around.

Predictability is a Staple of Life

Set expectations can be a great thing.  Stability, safety, and a great sense of security comes with it.  Planning out life brings with it a strong amount of predictability, allowing one to plan further out knowing the now and the near future.

Being comfortable in life can be strongly desired, especially if you have not experienced much of this in life.  It can feel like being wrapped securely in a blanket, nothing to fear and a lot to appreciate.

How do you Live Life?

Are you at one end of the spectrum of the other?  Are you like me and take the middle of the road path?   Do you bounce around depending on the area of life it affects?

26 thoughts on “How Do You Live Life: Comfort is a Must or Life is an Endless Adventure?

  1. I’m probably in the middle too and think there is value in going between the two as I think there is balance in that, and that’s important for personal progress (for me at least). Very interesting — you’ve got me thinking more about how I approach things!

  2. I’m definitely in the middle too. Hahaha I love joking around, having fun but I have a distinct line on when I should or should not continue. I know when things are to be taken seriously or with care, and I know when I can just relax for a moment. I think it’s because I believe in the balance of everything. I think, as humans, we should be able to have fun and be careful enough at the same time. I’m very particular with these kinds of stuff. Thank you for sharing! xx

  3. I like to say I am a bit of both. I know when to enjoy myself, be able to laugh at myself and have that sense of adventure. But I know when I should be working hard and being serious.


  4. I’m definitely a Middle of the Road person too. I love venturing out but love the security of having stability. Thanks for sharing!

  5. As of now, I choose comfort since I struggled mentally and emotionally few years ago and currently I am still on my healing process 🙂 nice post!

  6. I am right in the middle there with you. I get bored really easily and like to have a lot of adventures. But, I also need some predictability and security too.

  7. This is a really interesting post. I’d definitely say I’m more middle of the road too. I do have moments when I suddenly have an urge to step out of my comfort zone though.

  8. I totally relate to being middle of the road!!! I enjoy a little spontaneous action and seeing where life takes me, but I also enjoy comfort and security. Great post!

  9. Well, I liked your Philosophy of having different lifestyles. I think we humans have an amalgamation of different lifestyles, due to our history, genes, sexual orientations, etc. It depends on the choices we made according to that. I will put myself in a resilient group:); but please notice that I have no problems with others who are in the other groups. that you put; they are all wonderful and well sort out. Wishing you a happy, healthy, and successful 2021, Lisa.

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