Halloween costumes that bite! (even on a budget)


Eleanor Hall

27 October 2019 0 comments

If your like me, you’ll have been planning your Halloween outfit for 2019 since August! I’m OBSESSED with this holiday. If the thought of the nights drawing in, cosy jumpers and sipping hot chocolate with cream and mini marshmallows doesn’t give make you the slightest bit comforted, I’m not sure we can be friends! Hahah I’m kidding really, summer is honestly more of my season, however I do enjoy relaxing in a snug coffee shop whilst the rain taps impatiently on the windows around- I think  it’s because it reminds me of my next favourite holiday.. Christmas! (but let’s not talk about that just yet- it’s too early)

Since it’s spooky season, if your not already prepped with your outfit, here’s some helpful, CHEAP ideas to help you get your freak on in 2019! 

  1. Ice queen

In this outfit you’ll be dishing out icy looks to all who stand in your way of being best dressed on the night! 

Superdrug are currently promoting a whole makeup collection dedicated to this look, including blue and silver glitter for both your hair and face. The great aspect of this outfit would be the fact that you can easily adapt an old shimmery dress into a completely new outfit. I’m picturing a sparkly dress and sparkly heels, with curled hair, glitter EVERYWHERE and blue shimmery eyeshadow. Tell me this isn’t a great and unusually original look for the 31st. 

  1. Donna & the dynamos!

Here we go again! Your sure to be the dancing queen of the party in this look, and the great part is you could share it all with your two besties! The 3 of you could take this outfit inspo two ways; use bell bottom jeans and a bodysuit/corset top – or seek out an all in one jumpsuit for the special occasion. Curl your hair big Donna’s, grab your mic and your well on your way to being a super trouper. 

  1. A cat *meow*

I know, it’s stereotypical, but hear me out. You could actually do so much more with this look than placing some animal ears on your head and calling it a day. Grab some contact lenses (yellow are a good go to), face paint, glitter and your curler. Pretty Little Thing currently sell a pair of gorgeous leather jeans/leggings online, of which you could pair with a little black top and heels. My idea would then be to curl your hair huge, paint on some whiskers and add glitter to them, eyes lashes should be big. This idea is also super cheap, costing under £20. 

  1. Somebody call the police! Simple but effective- all you need is some shorts and top in the same colour, a police badge of which you could make or fine cheap online and some handcuffs. Use your sunglasses from the summer for extra fun vibe (haha please I know that was cringey). If your not keen on shorts you could swap them for jeans! 
  1. A zombie

Now this one may be the most costly out of all the outfits, purely on the fact that we will need lots of face paint- but bear with me. For this idea, grab some old clothes and have some fun making cuts and rips – anyone would just think you’ve just come out of an apocalypse. Paint your face and arms green, and anywhere else visible. You could apply fake blood, as well as back comb your hair so it looks messy but controlled in a certain manner. If you don’t like the idea of painting your skin green, you could always draw stitched up your arms and on your face, to still give you that freaky look!

I hope my Halloween outfit ideas have been helpful for you, if you have any other suggestions or would like more inspiration please feel free to drop me a comment below. 

Love Eleanor xx

Click here for more halloween outfit ideas on my pinterest!

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