Governing Projects Successfully

Morgan Orioha

No doubts, when projects are governed successfully, the project manager and rest of the project stakeholders deliver successfully. Excellent governance ensures projects are delivered to time, cost, quality, and budget. Project governance creates effective escalation routes and defines delegated limits of authority for issues and change requests. ITIL framework’s incident, problem and change management processes are, therefore, very handy support tools in defining escalation routes for governance issues, problems and change requests. The project governor, (or a team of project governors), defines limits of authority in addition to creating and overseeing implementation of the ITIL processes.  The governor ensures the roles and responsibilities of the team and wider stakeholders are clearly defined and to certain extent adhered to by stakeholders.


Effective governance provides sufficient reporting and control activities to not only ensure that the sponsor and other stakeholders are kept informed of progress promptly and at agreed intervals but that they reap benefits from the project (or programme). Assurance provides confidence to the governance board that the project, or wider programme and/ or portfolio is on track to deliver to purpose and to intended benefits. Similarly, effective project governance, gives the board of directors and/or, trustees the confidence that investments in projects, programmes and portfolios are being professionally managed to expectations.


As a body that provides sponsorship to the project, programme and/or portfolio the board will represent financial, provider and user interests in the project. Project governance board members, also known as project board, steering committee (or group), oversee deployment and make decisions through the life cycle of the project. The sponsor of the project, who often chairs the board, plays a key role in establishing the structure of the board as well as its culture and working practices. Therefore, governance, as a framework of authority and accountability, defines and controls the outcomes, outputs, and benefits from projects, programmes and/or, portfolios for success and excellence.


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