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What is a GERM?

We want to bring more fun and entertainment to our site; we have such a huge focus on helping young people that we realised that sometimes, you need a means of escape and a place you can go just to have some fun. This is what our GERM program is all about, although it will have a huge focus on gaming, anyone can become a GERM, all we ask if for fun and entertaining content for our site.

We are introducing a new category for MyNeedToLive and looking for people to help us create content for it. This category is Entertainment.

Our GERMs (Gaming Everyday Role Models) will have a huge focus on gaming and create content for our site that is gaming and entertainment themed. Whether it’s a review on the latest game, your top 5 favourite shows on Netflix, a silly or embarrassing story or even a fun ‘fake news’ style post where you just make up a news story, a video of your twitch or mixer highlights.

We have set up a discord to be help grow our gaming community, where we will have gaming tournaments, giveaways, discounts on great brands, and it’s a great place to find new people to game with.

Join our discord to join our gaming community, you don’t have to be a GERM to join our discord.

If you want to become GERM and help us create content more fun and entertaining, then we’d love to hear from you!

Please contact us:
Phone: 01752 977 600

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