Gaming: The Fascination

What is the fascination with gaming? I would love to hear your thoughts? Entertainment? Enhanced motor skills? Competition? Advancement to new levels? Do tell!

I will be the first to admit that I know nothing about the gaming world.  So, you might be asking yourself, why are you writing this article about gaming then??  Well, I thought I would share my novice thoughts and let you all share with me whether I have some of it nailed and where my misses are with the fascination with gaming

Excellent Entertainment

Gaming seems like a great way to feed the competitive nature side of us.  It challenges us to reach new levels, learn new strategies, and it’s quite the accomplishment to advance to new levels.  All of this seems like it provides great entertainment for us.

And there’s so many choices. No matter what our genre of choice is, there is a game out there for us!   How cool is that!   Not every pastime can tout that expansiveness.

Motor Skill Enhancement

After watching several gamers in my life, it seems like gaming is also a great way to enhance one’s motor skills. Often at a fast pace you are moving the gear stick (forgive me if I have the terminology wrong) at a fast pace to maneuver across the landscape on your screen.   This can’t help but increase dexterity and fine-tune motor skills.

Fellow Gamers

While gaming is oftentimes conducted alone (but not always) it seems like it also is a great way to meet other people.  I know of many gamer meet-ups, clubs, and conventions.  It seems to have its own following that is extremely dedicated to learning the latest and greatest.   That sense of belonging is something we all strive for and to find like-minded people can be priceless.

Hit or Miss?

I am confident that I am greatly understating all the value that comes from gaming but that is where you come in.  What did I hit in this article?   Alternatively, what did I all miss in it?  What do you get out of gaming?   Is there more beyond fulfilling your competitive streak, entertainment, enhancing your motor skills, and meeting fellow gamers?   Do tell!

26 thoughts on “Gaming: The Fascination

  1. I’ve never been a gamer but as much as I think some people dedicate wayyyy too much time to it, it’s nice that there’s a community element and it does improve motor skills x


  2. I love playing video games & the main part of it is entertainment. It’s like reading a book & discovering a new world but with video games you have a much larger part in the telling of the story. Also, especially with Animal Crossing New Horizons I’ve been playing with my friends and visiting their islands.

  3. I’ve never been a gamer but my daughter loves Minecraft which is great for problem solving and teamwork! Lisa

  4. I’m not a huge gamer but I do like to unwind sometimes by playing the Switch or Xbox. I do think some games have great benefits such as teamwork, however, there are many available that have no benefit at all & are just time-wasting. I think it’s important to find a balance between unwinding and mindless playing.

    Louise |

  5. I think we are on the same page, I’m not into gaming. Ok but during my childhood days, does super mario ring a bell?! Gaming these days already moved to a different level, especially with building strategies. We can learn a lot of things for sure. But i still prefer a good book.

  6. I’m also know very little about gaming and have no desire to get to know more based on how much time my S/O spends on gaming ! ????

  7. I do love some games, when I was young I loved playing formula 1 on Xbox, but now I just play fifa and me and my brother have battles all the time, I always play Liverpool and he plays Manchester United. Luckily I win sometimes but not all the time haha

  8. I’ve never really been much of a gamer (at all) but this was interesting to read! I’ve always been curious about what sort of things relax different people! x

  9. I’m not into gaming either, but my son is obsessed. I don’t like how much time he wants to spend on technology, but I have to admit he can type really fast and is doing some basic coding which is excellent for his age. He also researches each game so I’m happy he is developing that skill too.

  10. I use to love gaming as a kid, and loved it right up until the PS4 where games stopped being original and we’re just reruns of the pervious generations console games with better graphics.

    However, I occasionally go to gaming bars with my partner and friends to enjoy that gaming together vibe, so much so, my partner wants to get there first gaming console, so we’re both getting the Switch to play together as we’re in lockdown on other sides of the city to each other.

    Playing together with friends is what gaming is really all about. It’s a good way to relax and have some fun

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