Food habits which will help you to be within budgets


Food is bae! And there is no second thought on that.  But many a times we think we spend too much on our food. Well, I totally live on the principle that we earn to eat well but I do follow a few disciplinary steps that help me cut out on the unnecessary food expenses. Here is my take on food expenses under a budget.

1.       Pack lunch

I ensure that I pack my lunch for work every single day. Making my own food is my priority. I also pack food for the other working members of my family. It is not only healthy, hygienic but also saves a lot on eating out. The other thing to ensure here is to have a good tiffin box. Click here to pick from the list.

2.       Get a  membership

For occasional meals, get a membership with various websites like Zomato gold, or a particular hotel chain etc. They do come handy in saving a few bucks. T hey also give you a occasional accelerated benefit which truly adds to the positives of having them

3.       Start a basic menu and stick to it

Don’t fancy your food habits. Have a discipline in what you cook. For eg; I have veggies for breakfast and lunch come what may. Further, I have seafood for 4 days a week, vegetables again on Friday and meat on weekends. I stick to this. This helps in maintaining the simplicity in the routine.

4.       Buy a good water bottle

Stop buying bottled water and use a reusable water bottle. Carry water wherever you go. This makes a huge difference in your spending pattern and health as well. Many of the offices do have good water supply so only thing you need to have is a good water bottle.

5.       Buy produce in seasons

Buy what is in season. Do not try to buy that produce in some other season. For instance if you like mangoes then we all know the right time to have it. If we go searching for them in off season then they are not just too expensive but also not good for health. In addition, seasonal food is also a very good diet

6.       Try replacing your food with something with equal nutritional values

Having meatless Mondays and replacing it with a cheaper source of protein once a week like eggs or paneer can make a good budget tip. So its taste bhi, healthy bhi and Paisa vasool Bhi!

7.       Garden your veggies

Offlately Shilpa Shetty was seen growing her own veggies in the limited space she has got. The feeling of home grown food is very special. But start small inorder to avoid overspending.

8.       Do not waste food.

This is the primary rule. Do not let food go waste. Store leftovers the right way and use it. Remember there are many people around the world struggling for one meal a day. Let us praise God for the blessings he has showered on us. Let your spending on food be under a budget.

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Author: Pearl Sequeira
Pearl Sequeira is a Chartered Accountant and a Blogger helping people to live life simple and happy with practical tips. She runs her own blog www.pearltakes.com

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