Finding Your Own Happiness

How do you find your own brand of happiness? Once found, how do you keep it and bring even more happiness to your life?

Happiness has been defined as “a sense of well-being, joy, or contentment.”  Okay, but practically speaking, what is happiness?  How do I find happiness and once found how do I keep it?

Finding Happiness

As we all know happiness can be elusive at times, and darn right hard to find at other times.  However, there are also time when it comes at us in abundance and we find ourselves overjoyed and crazy happy!  So how do we have more of these times?

I’m not an expert, but to do so I tend to encourage a lot of self-exploration and introspection.  For example, during these happy moments, what are you doing?  What is it about what you are doing that is making you happy?

Also, how do you identify it?  Is it a flutter in your heart?  A spark that you feel to your core?  A smile that just won’t leave your face?

All these are signs that you have found what makes you happy.  A little self-reflection in these moments to get to the core of this happiness will allow you to replicate it more often.

For example, if taking on a new project lights a spark in you, think about what it is that lights that spark.  Is it because it is new?  Because it is challenging?  What is it about that project that makes it special to you?  Once you have put this extra bit of thought into the true source of your happiness you can work toward continually finding projects that make you happy.

Why is Finding Happiness Important

I’m not a doctor by any means, but I do know that when you are happy that your body relaxes, your stress levels go down, and you are less likely to do self-defeating behaviors.  All these things are good things for our body and us in general.

Plus, who doesn’t want more happiness in their life?  Who doesn’t like to smile often?  Feel joy and exuberance often?  It’s a great feeling that we all deserve in abundance and often!  Let’s face it – life can be hard.  The more happiness we can bring into it the better.

Have you Found the True Source of Your Happiness?

How did you find it? What did it take to uncover the source of what made you happy?  As a result, have you found ways to then bring more of it into your life?

24 thoughts on “Finding Your Own Happiness

  1. Loved this post! Happiness has been on my mind a lot lately. Mainly because while we are encouraged by the media and society to associate happiness with material success or something ‘big’. Lately, after overcoming a period of tremendous anxiety and a share of depression, I came to open my eyes, truly, and look at what I have right next to me. I have friends that make me smile and love me. I have this thing called internet where I can find someone to talk too at all times. I live in a city which allows me to go outside. I have food that is yummy and I can cook it or even order something if I don’t want to cook that day. I have a functional body, I have books… It has become very important to me to forget about what society wants from me and tells me that should make me happy and actually stop and enjoy what I already have.

    1. Good for you – it sounds like you have found great ways to appreciate the world around you!! So happy for you it makes me smile for you!

  2. I certainly have not got to a point of finding what works for me in terms of happiness, but I guess it’s not like you achieve it once and that’s it, you can tick that off. I really like the different aspects you’ve included here – lovely post.

    Lindsey |

  3. Great post. It’s so important that we find our own happiness. A type of happiness that doesn’t rely on other people. I’ve got a few things that make me happy, regardless.

  4. My source of eternal happiness is when I am working and the work I am doing is being praised 😊 Thank you for sharing this 😊

  5. Personally, I found my true happiness by being more accepting of who I am, loving myself and being content with what I have. I intend to keep the happiness by continuing to make the most of what I have now, rather than lament on what I could have had.

  6. Happiness has really taken a knocking this year so it has been finding things that make me happy, or at least contented, in more unusual places and situations.

  7. Great post! I’ve been thinking about happiness a lot lately. About 5-6 years ago I decided to prioritize my happiness, and since then have been much happier than I was previously. Overall I feel pretty happy, but I feel that I am still looking for my purpose in life and have been on a good reading spree about happiness and purpose lately. It’s always a topic that has interested me.

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