FAQs – Everyday Role Models

Here’s a list of FAQs we’ve received from inquiries. If your questions is not there please send an e-mail to info@theneedtolive.com with the subject ‘ERM Question’

Payment is dependent on which ERM level you are:

Level  0 – Guest Blogger

All our Role Models will start as a Guest Blogger.

This level  you would be required to provide the following, exceptions can be made however, based on circumstances and other commitments

1+ articles a month

1+ social media posts a week

1+ comments/shares on social media

Comment on 1+ blog posts per week

Level 1 – Role Model

In order to reach level 1 you must be reaching the following.

4 articles a month

3 social media posts a week

3 comments/shares on social media per week

Comment on 2 blog posts per week

0 – 100 blog views a week

Invite all friends on Facebook

1 NTL message created by us to be shared on social a month

In Return you will receive;

Affiliate earnings

Referral Fee

Possible Retail partner brand deals

Level 2 – Paid Role Model

To Reach Level 2 you will be required to meeting the following requirements on a monthly basis.

8 articles a month

6 social media posts a week

6 comments/shares on social media per week

Comment on 6 blog posts per week

150 – 300 blog views per week

Invite all friends on Facebook

1 NTL message created by us to be shared on social a month

In return you will receive;

Affiliate earnings

Referral fee

Payment for Blogs

Retail partner brand deals

Brand Offers and Promotional Merchandise


When you login to our affiliate platform, it gives you a link to copy! This link is personal to you and goes to our NeedToLive store. This means that anyone who clicks your link and buys a product from our store, you’ll get 10% commission for that sale. We recommend you promoting this link the best you can, for example, you could put the link in your social media bio and then create a post that direct people to it! The more sales you generate the money you will earn! 

All E.R.Ms start at level 0. Progression is based on activity, engagement and meeting requirements.

Yes, if content is good enough – we can help offer tips to boost following!

If your content is relevant to a student, your background/position doesn’t matter. 

On MyNeedToLive.com! They will also be shared across our social media platforms.

Once you’ve finished writing a blog post on MyNeedToLive, you need to click “save draft” after this the draft is sent to us, just so we can review your blog and then schedule it to be published. Once published the writer will receive an email reminder!

You will be given a WordPress account. Simply log in, press ‘Posts’ then ‘Add New’. Once you press ‘Publish’ our team will review your post and make it live!

You will be given your own WordPress account, this means you will have an author section at the bottom of every post you write:

You can include your name,  links to your personal social media accounts & website.

MyNTL would never take credit for your posts.

Depending on the situation we will try our best to keep you as an E.R.M but unfortunately rules are rules! Worst case scenario is that you become a Guest Blogger instead.

No! We have 6 core categories which cover a range of subjects! The only rule is that the topic must help a student in some way.

You own all copyright to your work/blog posts. By posting onto MyNeedToLive you give us the rights to publish and share your posts via all social media channels.

No! Our blog is global so we want a variety of experiences and locations!

Interested in becoming an Everyday Role Model?

Everyday Role Models are bloggers/influencers who want to support students by talking/blogging or creating videos which cover a wide variety of topics.

MyNeedToLive Everyday role models are expected to abide by a contract, and share their knowledge and experiences in an informative way. They’ll be aligned with our ethos and help support students globally!

Do you want to make a difference?

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