Influencer? Become an Everyday Role Model or Gaming Everyday Role Model

What are Everyday Role Models?

MyNeedToLive Everyday Role Model’s are the equivalent of social influencers. We realise that not everyone can be an influencer, but they can be a guide. To our target market the term ‘influencer’ symbolises payment, and yes our guides will get paid but not for advertising. They’ll get paid for sharing their experiences, becoming an affiliate and promoting

Core Blog Categories

We have six core blog categories. These cover a range of interesting subjects, they are:

  1. Careers
  2. Education
  3. Enterprise
  4. Finance
  5. Lifestyle
  6. Well-being

What are Gaming Everyday Role Models?

We have been growing a group of social influencers already, they are our Everyday Role Models (ERMs), and they create content for our 6 core categories; as a Gaming Everyday Role Model, you will be focusing more on the Entertainment category for MyNeedToLive. This does not mean you cannot write content or make videos on our 6 core categories however.

We want to bring more fun and entertainment to our site; we have such a huge focus on helping young people that we realised that sometimes, you need a means of escape and a place you can go just to have some fun. This is what our GERM program will be about, although it will have a huge focus on gaming, anyone who can help make MyNeedToLive more entertaining is welcome to join.

What is expected of a Role Model?

MyNeedToLive Everyday Role Models are expected to abide by a contract, and share their knowledge and experiences in an informative way. They’ll be aligned with our ethos and help support students globally.

What does an Everyday Role Model or Gaming Everyday Role Model get in return?

  1. Free management to help increase reach & income
  2. Payment
  3. A greater reach
  4. More personal following
  5. An E.R.M CV
  6. An author section which links back to your social media
  7. Opportunity to join an affiliate programme
  8. Satisfaction as they’re doing something good!

For more detailed information please click the document:

Wondering how you earn money?

Please click the link and download our spreadsheet. It has editable cells for you to work out how much you could earn from each aspect!

Join our Team!

We are currently looking for more Everyday Role Models and Gaming Everyday Role Models! If you think your content falls into our ethos and categories, then we’d love to hear from you!

If you are interested in being apart of the MyNeedToLive team, then please fill in the application form and send it to;


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