Become an Everyday Role Model

What is an Everyday Role Model?

Our vision is to create a global network of young people who support each other by sharing their stories.

You can play a part in realising that vision by becoming an Everyday Role Model.

ERMs are bloggers with a voice and a story to tell. They are real people, with real stories and real lives – just like you.

You have the opportunity to inspire, motivate, encourage and support people through your experiences by creating content which speaks to them.

As an MNTL ERM you also have an incredible opportunity to build skill and make real progression through our Open Badges scheme. Click here for more information.

You can write in one of the seven core blog categories listed below:








What do I have to do?

MyNeedToLive Everyday Role Models need to follow site rules and sign a short contract.

What’s in it for me?

A platform to share your ideas, thoughts and stories

Practice, practice, practice

It looks great on yourĀ CV

Linking with people like you

Progression through our Open Badges scheme. Click here for more info

Potential to increase social following

How do I get involved?

MNTL are always ready to welcome Everyday Role Models like you – whatever your skill level. If you have a phone, computer or tablet and a point of view, then you have everything you need.Ā 

Click here to register to become an Everyday Role Model.

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