Does Technology Make Us More Productive?

Computers… the time-savers of the day. For school, for work, for fun. But are they always time-savers? Do they sometimes cost us time?

Applications that do the math for us.   Computers that allow us to write, rewrite, and polish all without starting from scratch each time.  Working on multiple screens at once (multi-taking at its finest).  Even features as simple as copy and paste.  All are designed to save us time, precious time.

So, Does Technology Save Us Time?

Yes!  It definitely saves us a lot of time.  At times.   Applications and computer features do a lot of the manual work that we used to do ourselves.  Computers allow us to write articles, polishing them along the way.  No longer do we have to retype a page if we got a typo on a page (for those of you that remember typewriters!).

Then there are those of us that like to do our work on multiple screens.  We start processing a task on one screen and while we wait we get another going on another screen.   Tell me this doesn’t save a lot of time!

Especially for those of us that are particularly proficient with computers, they can be a huge timesaver.  They can help us meet deadlines, make projects look “pretty,” and are a repository for all our work

Does Technology Cost Us Time?

Yes!   First, it takes time to learn.  When you are new to computers, and we all were at some point or another, it took quite a bit of time to learn.  And each new application drives the learning curve up a at least a bit as well.  Granted the more you know, the easier it is to build upon.

Then there are the glitches.  The ones that cause a reboot, a slowness in screen transitioning, or worse yet, the blue screen of death!   These glitches definitely slow us down and may even cause us to lose data and make us start from scratch on our project.

Save Time or Cost More Time?

I think that despite its costs, it’s safe to say that computers (all forms of them) definitely save more time than they cost.  Especially when that initial learning curve is over.   While we constantly hear that multi-tasking is not really as efficient as we think, as I’m working two screens, I often beg to differ.   Completing two tasks during the time it takes to complete one seems like a win for me.

What’s your Thoughts?

Overall, do you feel like computers save you time, even new applications that you have to learn from scratch?  Have you been hindered by your computer to the point of great frustration?

28 thoughts on “Does Technology Make Us More Productive?

  1. For me personally, I’d be lost without technology, it’s been a life saver for my dyslexia. I wouldn’t have been able to do my degrees without a technology, let alone blogging.

    Technology can also be a great thing forbearing time as well, but the benefits far out weight the drawbacks

  2. Technology makes things very convenient! Many people wouldn’t be able to make an income right now if it weren’t for technology. However, I think it can also be easy to get distracted, so it requires a lot of self-discipline.

  3. Almost everything I do is online so I definitely think that it makes me more productive. And although things do take time to learn, I think with how kids are raised with technology now, younger generations will be much better at learning new technology quickly so in time the time spent learning will be significantly less x


    1. It is amazing how kids these days can quickly pick up new apps and just run with them! They are lucky to grow up with such great technology! 🙂

  4. I do everything online now, so I’d be screwed without it. There are some drawbacks, that you have no control over, like things breaking, but these things shouldn’t happen often enough to mean it loses you more time than you gain.

  5. They do save time, but I will admit I’ve worked in the field before and the only worse part of computing is if something fails or it’s doing updates as a stupid time, other than that technology is useful ????

  6. I think it does and it doesn’t. It cuts a lot of time on big tasks, but like you said, it can go wrong and takes time to win. Modern technology definitely has it’s wins and loses. Great post!

    Anika |

  7. There’s definitely a line. Technology has given us so much – it definitely makes me productive as I wouldn’t have a job without it! But I do find myself lacking productivity when I’m aimlessly scrolling x

  8. I have to say that technology has made it so much more easier to be productive and saves us time. There’s online planners, online scheduling apps, online everything basically to make our daily lives easier !

  9. Computers and technology have come so far, haven’t they? i think it is hard to imagine what life would be like without all this advancement. That saying technology can let you down at times, and cause a lot of frustration. We recently moved to a new system at work, and it is still taking time to get to know how it fully works.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

  10. I couldn’t have done any of my jobs for the last 20 years without a computer so yes, I have to say they do make me more productive! Lisa

  11. As translator, technology really saves my life. I need a computer, an online dictionary, and CAT tools to help with translating. As a blogger, I need all kinds of technology to support my journey 🙂 Great post, Lisa!

  12. I’ve thought about this a lot too! I do agree with you. Overall technology is amazing. I mean we wouldn’t be connecting like this without it. I think it’s good when we do step away for a moment too :). Great post!!

  13. I completely agree that technology both saves and costs you time! I would most certainly be lost if I didn’t have my laptop or phone nearby, but on the other hand, I sometimes prefer writing and making lists using a pen and paper!

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