Do you wish to home educate?

Amy Carney

Many people wish to home educate, but they may not have the confidence, or they are worried about what others think, or don’t even know it is legal.  When we first started home educating it was due to bullying, but we decided to place the children back into school.  This was because I was only thinking that, that was best for our children.

This I was to find out was the wrong choice for our children and family.  It took my eldest daughter going into secondary school for her to finally get diagnosed with severe dyslexia. It doesn’t just affect the way she reads but also the way she learnt, now the schools understood this information I personally thought it would be different.

Sadly this was not the case, 1 day she couldn’t cope with the struggle any more. Between my husband and myself we made a decision with her that could affect her future.  To remove her all we did was wrote a de-registration letter, hand delivered it.  Over the next few months we ended up removing all our children from state school to enjoy learning the way they love to learn.

Before you home educate ask yourself these questions:

  • Could you be with your children 24/7?
  • Do you want low cost holidays?
  • Can you sit with your child to do work?
  • Can you deal with being judged?
  • Are you ok with long periods with not much adult interaction?

If after them you are now wondering do you want to do it, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want my children educated in life, or in just academic?
  • Am I willing to deal with the stress of exams?
  • Is there any other way?
  • Is my child happy?

Once you have asked yourself these and know you want to home educate, well then the fun begins.

First deregister your child from their school, this does not have to be to complicated.  They can be found on any google search. From this moment you are able to go on with your home educating life, you should not need any further contact with the school.

The LA (local Authority) will contact you, here in Cambridgeshire they send us a form.  I send back to them, but from other areas they advice you not to, so this is where I would suggest you get in touch with people that also home educate in your local area.

It’s not as complicated as people think and you now get so much freedom.

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