Digital Rewards

We are all content creators 

If you are considering a career in content creation or you simply want to share your stories with the world, you probably already understand getting your words, images and video out there is vital. 

MyNeedToLive is already recognised as a fab place to flex your creative muscles and shine in our seven key areas: Entertainment, Careers, Education, Enterprise, Finance, Lifestyle and Well-being. You are also supporting each other by telling your stories.

Digital rewards

We’ve teamed up with Cities of Learning, the Real Ideas Organisation and Plymouth City Council to create content creation achievement levels to inspire you on your journey.

You can now track your progress digitally by earning MyNeedToLive accreditation.  The scheme means you will have digital & downloadable certification in online content creation to show employers, colleges and universities.

What are Open Badges?

Open badges are a new way of showing people what you have accomplished in a chosen field. Think of it as a digital certificate which contains information on and detail of your achievements. It’s a record which you never lose. 

Why badges matter

Your badges come from a platform called Credly Acclaim and will stay on your online profile as long as you keep it. The badge and the words describing what you have achieved can be viewed and shared online through social media, copied into application forms and CVs or just referred back to as a reminder of your learning at any time.  A badge contains metadata that tells the world four important things:


  • Who has earned a badge
  • The level they have reached
  • What they did to earn it
  • Who says they did it 

 Levelling up

As a MyNeedToLive Everyday Role Model you can earn up to 16 badges, each of which show you are engaging, progressing and gaining valuable experience in content creation. You can show employers and educators how you have progressed in four key areas of content creation. These levels lead to being a content creation pro:


How do I get a MyNeedToLive Open Badge?

Our open badges are now available. You can aim for 14 badges in total, offering accreditation in the seven key areas of content creation.  Get in touch to to learn how you can underpin your blogging skills with digital endorsement.

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