Design flair on a budget

Changing up your décor may sound wildly exciting… until you realize that your flair for design isn’t what you wished it was and that your color contrasting skills are lacking. So, what do you do, especially if you are on a tight budget? Here’s some great options!

Exciting new place?   Looking to change up your décor?  This can sound wildly exciting… until you realize that your flair for design isn’t what you wished it was and that your color contrasting skills are lacking.  So, what do you do, especially if you are on a tight budget?

The great news is that there are options!  Lots and lots of options!

First, you can just go for it!  It’s your place after all.   Whether you just don’t have the designing bug or can’t coordinate colors, it really doesn’t matter.  As long as you enjoy your house, that’s what’s most important!   And, you may just surprise yourself!

Second, you can reach out to some of your best resources – your friends!  They know you, what you like, and it may end up being a fun group project!  They may also feel honored to be asked to help create “you” in your home!

More resources!   Check out magazines, google what colors work well together, or get ideas from online pictures.   If you are thinking of painting, many paint shops have templates and applications where you can try colors out together online so you can see if you like how they look together.

Repurpose!   You may just find that you have everything you need already!   Perhaps the living room pillows will liven up the family room and the pictures in one room will change up the vibe in another room.  Don’t be afraid to repurpose what you have and change things around.  It’s easy to think that we already have things in their “ideal” location, but just remember, you can always change it back it you want.

Alternatively, you could try to get some pro advice. Perhaps you know a friend in the field – maybe you could barter services.  Or even just ask for a consultation.  Many service providers are open to giving free consultation.  From there you can either do it yourself or request all or part of their services.  Obviously, this is the more expensive route, but perhaps you could work on one area at a time to make the process more affordable.

Whatever you do, what’s most important is that you create the look that is right for you!  While that may not necessarily be the “in” or trendy look, that doesn’t really matter. It’s your house, your rules!    Have some fun, break out the colors (or not!), and decorate away!  Make some magic happen in your house.  It’s amazing what changing our surroundings around every now and again can do for our attitude!

18 thoughts on “Design flair on a budget

  1. Love the idea of repurposing items in other rooms! Sometimes I like to do that for the seasons just for something fresh. For example, I recently took a few wood floral “pictures” from my daughter’s room and moved them to my living room for something “springy.” I love it! ????????????

  2. Such a good tip of repurposing items, why spend more when a simple swap around could make all the difference. And yes to mood boards, Pinterest is fab for this!

  3. Thanks! I’m terrible at decorating. Maybe in 2020 we’ll try to branch out a little

  4. I love this post! This was right up my alley since I am into home decor. I love getting ideas from other home bloggers and home decor influencers on Instagram and Pinterest. I also love repurposing items and like you said, as long as it makes you happy, that’s all that should matter in your home decor!

  5. My house needs a major facelift, a few rooms have been painted but that’s it and we’ve been here 6 years now. But I definitely don’t have the eye for flare when it comes to decor.

  6. I totally agree with you that changing our surroundings has an effect on our mood. I try to reorder stuff frequently to not get bored ????. I am currently thinking about redecorating so your post is very helpful to me. Thank you for sharing your ideas

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