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“In The AlphaApps,  our motto is ‘Reimagine Reality’, we want people to see the world differently.”As a young black child growing up, there were no video game heroes that were people of colour and so when we came up with the idea of a space game, I wanted to make the main character a person of colour.

17 year old games developer and CEO from London, Charles Clayton has just recently launched his first game ‘Space Cruise’ on the app store, which has seen some great success already with the game reaching over 20,000 people around the world in 9 different countries. Charles recently sat down for an interview on his company’s podcast ‘LDN2DXB’ to discuss the game ‘Space Cruise’.

When asked why he made the game: “My company, The AlphaApps, is still very new to The App Store, so my first goal was to create a project that we could use to learn about all it’s features and how to use this tool to benefit us later on when we bring out larger projects.”

The game’s full title is ‘Charles Clayton: Space Cruise’, he was asked why he put himself in the game as a main character: “In The AlphaApps,  our motto is ‘Reimagine Reality’, we want people to see the world differently. We are only a small company so I don’t have any influence over people but The AlphaApps started as a team  that inspired kids from our school to be successful in technology because they saw someone like them achieve something, so representation is important to all of us.”

Charles was then asked about what the near future looks like for The AlphaApps, what is their next game going to be and what does the future look like for Space Cruise: “We have a series of games already lined up, some games are in the planning phase, we have a few in development and then a few ready to be released, for our next game, you can expect an announcement for it in February. Space Cruise has exceeded our expectations, our next step for this game is to launch it on The Google PlayStore, I know a lot of people have been requesting this so I promise it’s coming!”




The question then came out about whether or not we will see a Space Cruise 2: “Well, when we first came up with this game, we planned it to be a one-off game and not a series, which is what we intend with most of our games but it has done far better than expected so while we don’t have any plans for a Space Cruise 2 at this point in time, I’m not opposed to the idea.”

The AlphaApps is an app development company based in London. It initially started as a school project but after winning 7 national awards,  this ‘team’ decided to go ‘pro’ and become a real business. At only 17 years old, Charles Clayton is running a business alongside his former school teacher, Sumair Mohammad.

If you want to find out more about The AlphaApps, you can find them on their Instagram page @TheAlphaApps as well as their website To download the game, simply search ‘Space Cruise’ on the App Store.

One thought on “Charles Clayton: Space Cruise

  1. It is amazing that Charles already launched a successful game at a young age. With technology, there are so many possibilities for success. Although I haven’t played the game before, I see his passion with the work he put in to learn and get a ton of people’s buyin!

    Nancy ♥

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