Top Natural Spots in Plymouth


Living in a city centre certainly has its benefits; the proximity to shopping, restaurants and a plethora of indoor activities. However, as a student, moving into the city was a major change for me. I found myself feeling somewhat cramped, claustrophobic and suffocated due to the constant noise, people, and […]

Great Places to Eat in Plymouth

Mark Lucking

Welcome to Plymouth Freshers, this is ultimate guide on great places to eat in Plymouth. No matter what mood for food you are in, we have you covered with the great taste of local. Air – Skoff 3 Sherwell Lane, Plymouth PL4 8LH Located opposite Gilwell Halls of Residence, Scoff […]

Places to get Coffee with Friends in Plymouth

With freshers just around the corner and students returning, I wanted to create a list of the best places to grab a coffee with friends in Plymouth. It can be pretty daunting moving away from home for the first time, especially if it’s a brand-new town or city and you don’t know where anything is or where you can hang out with your new friends and grab a coffee together.

Plymouth RelayFest 2019


Relay For Life is a global event and we are proud, as always, to be holding this awesome 24 hour event for the 4th year running to raise money for Cancer Research UK This year we are holding our amazing Festival/Funday/Fete at the Tor Bridge High School. This year we […]

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